CV Writing For Your Career Level

We offer two levels of service for all of our CV writing services, a standard and premium option to suit all budgets and requirements.  We write CVs for all industries and all levels of career, here are some examples of just some of the CVs we write:

Starter Level CV

If you are a student, school leaver or recent graduate needing to write a CV, then this format is definitely for you! If you have less than 2 years’ work experience and earn less than £15k, then this is the CV best suited for you too.

Whichever level you choose, your new CV will clearly demonstrate your skills, potential, attributes and strengths.  Your CV would primarily  focus on your range of skills and academic achievements because your time spent in a formal workplace is likely to be limited.  Where possible, we would aim to convey any voluntary work, internships or school work experience to highlight what positive skills and knowledge you could bring to a potential employer.

We have written CVs for students, school leavers and graduates with all of them reporting excellent results!

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Professional Level CV

At this level, your CV really needs to be heading towards a ‘Power CV’ to really stand out amongst the competition.  With over 2 years’ formal work experience, you will have already established yourself as a reliable, efficacious and successful employee who is building up a solid track record in the workplace.

Your CV would demonstrate that you are now in a position to assume more responsibility and take on more challenging tasks in your chosen industry and clearly outline your experience, accomplishments and achievements.  Your new CV would also showcase your key skills and strengths, attributes and abilities with clear concentration on just what you have to offer to a potential employer.

At your level, more emphasis will be placed on your work-based experience, and less on your academic achievements as you have now established yourself as a credible employee.

We have written CVs for just about every industry so why not ask us to write your CV?

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Executive and Managerial Level CV

At this level, you really need a CV that is an impressive CV! It must, without doubt, be a ‘Power CV’ to ensure you can secure any type of managerial or Board level position.

Your CV certainly has to stand out from the crowd so listing your recent achievements is crucial, together with all your management and motivational skills.  You should place strong emphasis on your accolades and be very achievement and success focused within your content.  You must really concentrate on portraying all your competencies and proficiency, reinforcing your claims with facts in every bullet point statement.

At your level, your CV will primarily focus on achievements and experience, rather than qualifications attained but of course, there are certain industries where a proven course of examinations is also essential.

We have written Senior Board Level CVs, CEO CVs, Managing Director CVs, Proprietor CVs, General Manger CVs and Management CVs.

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Trade or Construction CV

Whilst many years ago you may not have needed a formal CV, in today’s tough market, the requests for CVs is on the increase.

No matter what trade you are in, whether you have formal qualifications, or not, our professional CV writers can really showcase your full range of skills.  These would be reinforced by quantifiable and qualitative statements that clearly demonstrate what you have to offer to an employer.

Whether you have reams of NVQs or are time-served trained by ‘grandfather rights’, your CV writer will know exactly how to up sell your skills and experience to meet the demands of your industry.

We have written Builder CVs, Roofer CVs, Electrician CVs, Site Manager CVs, Plumber CVs, Scaffolder CVs, Labourer CVs, Plasterers CVs, Landscape Gardener CVs, Flooring and Carpet Fitter CVs, Shop Fitter CVs, Project and Contract Manager CVs, Facilities Manager CV, Estimator CV, Architect CV, Surveyor CV, Skilled Trades CV, Health and Safety CV, etc

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Military CV

You may have served in the military or a security-based role in recent years but are now looking to retire from active service and join the civilian workforce.  You are not alone, every year thousands of your military colleagues feel the same and we have written military to civilian CVs for many of them.

When making the transition from military to civilian life, your CV needs to seamlessly merge from one role in to another. Despite being military trained, perhaps with no civilian work history at all, your CV writer will still be able to identify a myriad of transferable skills.  Additionally, you will more than likely have many achievements and experiences that can be weaved in to the new CV, which would impress a prospective employer.

We have written Army CVs, Navy CVs, RAF/Airforce CVs, Military Service CVs, MOD CVs, auxiliary position CVs, etc

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Sales CV

If you work in the sales industry you are no doubt au fait with selling goods or services, but how good are you at selling yourself  on a CV? Many sales people struggle to write a CV, believe it or not!

A sales CV tends to be industry specific, rather than generic and packed full of key figures and must clearly reflect your experience and the results achieved.  Your sales CV must always include a demonstrable history of technical or professional knowledge, reinforced by clearly substantiated facts and figures.

Highlighting your ability to meet and exceed targets on a regular basis is key, as is the need to prove your sales,  business development management and customer relationship skills.  Competition for the best sales jobs is fierce, so your CV needs to show a potential employer that YOU can reap more in the way of sales and of course, profits, than your fellow candidates.

A sales CV that shows you have an accomplished history of achieving significant year-on-year results whilst fostering excellent customer relationships will always be given more consideration.

Regardless of your industry, we can write your Sales CV to make your application stand out from the crowd with justifiable facts.

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