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Is your CV a bit old-fashioned and in need of an injection of life, quickly? Don’t worry, one of our professional CV writing Consultants can soon drastically transform your failing CV in to a brand new, contemporary professional CV, which will instantly grab the attention of the reader.

Did you know you have less than 30 seconds to impress a potential employer?  Yes, sadly it is true.  With hundreds of other people after the same job as you, an employer just hasn’t got the time to read every CV word for word.  They will know instantly from the way your CV is written, the way your CV is laid out and from reading the first few lines of your personal profile, if your CV is impressive enough not to be chucked in the bin.

Get yourself more interview opportunities by ensuring you have a professional CV that hits the spot every time.  You will only be wasting the cost of a stamp or your time otherwise.

Our service offers more than most other professional CV writing companies in this price bracket.  Your order will not only be affordable but will come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  To us, you are a valued customer, not just an order number and you will receive exceptional levels of customer service in addition to an excellent new, professional CV.  Some of our competitors operate rather like CV factories and sub-contract your CV writing order out to writers who work from home for less than £15 per CV, we absolutely 100% don’t.

All our professional CVs are written in-house and are subject to strict quality control and exacting writing standards.  No professional CV ever leaves our office before the owner has read it in full and approved it.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your new professional CV comes with a satisfaction guarantee,  7 whole working days to fully evaluate your CV and make a list of any changes you would like to make, tell us about any words you would like changing or about any details you think should be altered.

You can make a set of changes within the 7 days and your professional CV Writer will make them for you to ensure you are 100% happy, this is our guarantee!

If you have asked for something which we wouldn’t recommend, your professional CV Writer will always let you know, with a full explanation as to why we wouldn’t recommend it.  After all these years, we know what is and isn’t acceptable and will always extend you our best advice.

Choosing the Best Layout to Showcase Your Experience and Skills

From your CV or questionnaire you complete, your professional CV writing consultant will determine which style and layout is best for your level of career and industry.  There are several types of CV to choose from, including a functional CV, a chronological CV and a chrono-functional or skills-based CV.

You can be assured that the correct option will be used and the layout will comply with industry standards and catch the eye of the employer.

Writing a Personal Profile

Too many CVs we receive don’t have a personal profile yet this is one of THE most important elements of a CV.  It instantly tells the reader about you, your skills, your attributes and your experience – all summed up in a well-constructed, succinct paragraph.

Your professional CV writer will fully evaluate your CV and any additional information you provide to compose you a concise and influential personal profile, which clearly demonstrates what you can offer to a potential employer.

Writing an Objective

Outlining your career objective is an ideal way of demonstrating what you want to achieve next in your career and will help an employer determine if you are looking for what they have to offer.

Demonstrating your Key Skills and Achievements

This is an area most of you overlook but is it SO important!

Your professional CV writer will peruse your CV content and from this will select your key skills and outline your key career achievements, making them prominent. Your key skills will also be expanded upon and your achievements clearly highlighted.

Injecting Power Words, Key Words and Use Influential Statements

Your lengthy job description text or sparsely worded bullet point lists will be transformed in to short, sharp, concise impact statements.  Each sentence will aim to demonstrate your key skills, achievements and experience using power verbs and industry key words, generating interest and engaging the reader.

The aim of the text will be to really demonstrate what skills and experience you can bring to their organisation.

Ensuring all Spelling and Grammar is Correct

Of course, the content of your new professional CV will be thoroughly proof read and checked to ensure all grammar and spelling is accurate.

Removing Irrelevant Information

You would be surprised how many CVs we see which contain waffle, negative facts or information that just shouldn’t be there.  Your professional CV writer will ensure that only the facts and information that should be on a CV are on your new CV.

They know exactly what should and shouldn’t be in your CV so trust them if they give you feedback.

Removing Incorrect Decoration

Again, we see many home-made CVs which are made look pretty.  However, this is a HUGE faux-pas.  Your CV should be business-like and portray absolute professionalism on both pages.  Your CV content should be what stands out, not any distracting decoration.

Your CV should not contain any fancy fonts, decoration, italics, borders or shading so your new professional CV will be presented using only Bold to highlight titles.  This is how it should look; smart, contemporary and professional.

Bridging any Gaps in your CV

It’s a fact of life that many people take career breaks to go travelling, to have children or sadly, because the job market is in turmoil.  Your professional CV writer will discuss any gaps you may have in your CV with you.  Where possible, they will find a creative, yet truthful way in which to fill that timeframe.  Perhaps your were on the PTA, were an active group member, did some voluntary work, renovated a property or experienced new cultures? In the main, your professional CV writer will find something positive that you did during that time.

Presenting Self-Employed Periods

Are you or have you been self-employed and worried it might negatively affect your CV? Many people think like you but it’s not all doom and gloom.  Many self-employed people work as an integral team member for clients, achieve great mutual successes and develop a host of new skills.  All of these things can be demonstrated to a potential employer in a positive light.  So, don’t worry, there is always a way of putting a positive spin on these things.

Suggesting Facts and Figures

Your CV should definitely contain facts and figures which reinforce your skills, experience and success.  Your professional CV writer will construct your new CV with this in mind and where they think a pertinent fact or figure is required, they will mark the area with a ‘X’, highlighted in yellow marker.

This way, you can easily spot where more detail is needed and submit this information when you review your initial CV draft.

Presenting your Contact Information Correctly

Your professional CV writer will make sure your correct contact information is included on both pages of the CV and located in the correct place, enabling an employer to get in touch with you easily.

Taking Out Personal Details

CVs often contain too much personal information.  Your professional CV writer knows exactly what should and shouldn’t be included on a UK CV.

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