Premium CV Writing Service Premium CV Writing Service

If you are looking for a completely new, professionally written and truly comprehensive CV, with a full career history and skills consultation, together with a dedicated one-to-one service, then the premium CV optionis for you.

In the main, your CV writer will spend over 10 hours constructing your new premium CV and will also undertake specific industry research to ensure keywords, terms and reference points are used.

What is Included in the Premium CV Service?

The premium CV option will also involve an extensive telephone or email consultation to ensure you provide us with all the information necessary to ensure your premium CV contains all the relevant information needed in your industry, to make your application really shine out amongst the competition.  You will be asked industry-related questions, to provide details about your key achievements and to elaborate on your skills and attributes.  Our consultant will then consolidate all this information to construct you a new CV, which is written and laid out in full accordance with your industry’s expectations.

As you have probably guessed, the premium CV writing service is far more in-depth than the standard CV writing service and you will be assigned a dedicated CV writer with significant experience in your industry and they will work for you to perfect your premium CV.

With this option, you can make as many changes as needed to ensure you are completely satisfied with your finished premium CV within 7 days.

How much does the Premium CV Cost?

This level of service is priced according to your salary.  Generally, the higher the salary, the more time is needed to conduct the interviews and research and, of course, to write you a perfected worded and expertly structured premium CV, tailored towards your specific industry.

Premium CV Writing Service

CV01: Student CV – £79.99

CV02: Salary up to £15k – £99.99

CV03: Salary £16k – £20k – £129.99

CV04: Salary £21k – £35k – 149.99

CV05: Salary £36k – £50k – £199.99

CV06: Salary £51k – £70k – £299.99

CV07: Salary £71k – £100k – £269.00


Why Use a Professional CV Writing Service?

Below are some of the reasons:

Consultation – One of our specialist curriculum vitae writing consultants will conduct a full consultation with you, either by email or phone to get a true insight into your range of skills and your experience to date.  This is in addition to a in-depth questionnaire to prepare a bespoke CV.

Applicants – With more and more job applicants applying for fewer and fewer jobs, the market is tough and competition is steep.  As such, you need to ensure you give yourself the best chance of being invited for an interview by using a professional CV writing service.  Our CVs make yours stand out.

Presentation – Our specialist CV writing expertise will best present your information in a succinct yet impactual fashion that will encourage the recruiter to read your CV.  Thus, increasing your chance of interview.  

Industry Expertise – Our consultants have extensive industry experience and therefore, know exactly what to include and what to omit from your CV and how to lay it out for gaining maximum impact.

Impartiality – It is not easy to write about yourself in a unbiased fashion but our CV experts will digest all your information and select the most relevant points.  They will then market ‘you’ with clear focus on what you have to offer a potential employer without using the words ‘I’ or ‘My’ in your CV.

Professional Profile – An outstanding professional profile is just what you need and is something we can provide to catch the readers attention.  Do you want your CV placed in the bin?  No – then you should use us!

Power Words and Impact Statements – Our consultants will work with you to elicit the most pertinent information from you and will transform dull paragraphs into compelling and informative bullet point statements, using industry specific power words to best demonstrate your key skills and achievements to maximum effect.

Is a Premium Professional CV Writing Service Worth It? 

YES, 100%

Value for Money – Using a professional CV writing service is more likely to secure you an interview more quickly.  In practical terms, the cost of having a CV written for you is probably less than 1% of your salary.  As such, it is a worthwhile investment.

Satisfaction – Our consultants aim to work with you throughout the process to deliver you a CV that you are entirely happy with.  We have many completely satisfied customers and are sure you would be one of them.

Guarantee – After the initial draft is sent to you, we extend you a 7 day period in which to notify us of as many alterations as you need to get the perfect CV.


Why Do I have to Register an Interest?

Our Premium CV service is an appointment only service to ensure your order gets the very best attention and we can arrange an evening telephone consultation for you.