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General Information

Anglia Business Solutions/Anglia CV Solutions are committed to protecting your identity and any details or information provided by you to best of our ability.

Whilst we cannot guarantee your information against loss, misuse, misdemeanour, alteration or other outcome, we make every effort to ensure your information is kept as safe as possible.

By submitting your information, you consent to allowing Anglia Business Solutions/Anglia CV Solutions, its consultants and advisors to utilise this information to prepare your documents or to fulfil your contract but also to allow us to send you details about our site, services or promotions, from time to time.

Anglia Business Solutions/Anglia CV Solutions do not pass on or sell on your information to any third parties.

Internet and Email

The websites contain links to other websites.  Anglia Business Solutions/Anglia CV Solutions cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies or content of these sites.

Data transmitted via email and Internet is considered inherently insecure, as such, Anglia Business Solutions/Anglia CV Solutions or its consultants cannot guarantee the security of any data or information sent via these means.

We have taken precautions to minimize the risk of transmitting software viruses but nevertheless advise you to carry out your own virus checks on any attachments or email message.  We accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by software viruses

Data Protection Act

Anglia Business / CV Solutions are registered with the Information Commissioners Office and comply with all DPA regulations.  We renew our registration on an annual basis; please contact us if you would like our registration number.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Anglia Business / CV Solutions pay for the use of an online backup facility, which Zumo Drive assures us is not only fully secure but that all data is fully encrypted.

Submitting Documents

Whilst you can submit your documents to us via email, email can be inherently secure.  As such, we would always recommend you upload your documents and confidential work using the secure upload facility on our site.  This is provided by Send this File and they assure us all documents are transmitted from you, to us,  in a highly secure fashion.

Cookie Policy

Sometimes we may use cookies and similar tools across our websites to improve their performance and enhance your user experience.  By using our websites, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Cookies are files that are transmitted from web servers to web browsers and can be sent back to the web server whenever the website user navigates our website and the web browser you use requests a page from the web server.

We use Google Analytics to analyse visitor usage on our websites to generate statistical data and generate reports about how our websites are used.  Google will store this information and their privacy policy can be found at:

Whilst using our websites, you may encounter third party cookies and they may use your information independently to track your browsing activity or perhaps send targeted advertising.  We accept no responsibility for third party cookies.

If you do not want our websites to use Cookies, most common browsers will enable you to block cookies.  However, this could be detrimental to your browsing experience of our website.  You can also delete cookies and these functions can normally be accessed in the ‘Tools’ Menu within Internet Explorer and FireFox.

Further Information

For further information, or should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.