Interview-Winning Cover Letters

Cover Letter | Cover Letter Writing Services | UKA well-written and persuasive cover letter should be the first thing a recruiter sees when they consider your application.  However, far too often this vital part of the application is overlooked by candidates.  Don’t fall in to the same trap!

To reinforce the content on your CV you should ALWAYS include a cover letter.  A well-constructed, influential letter can set the entire tone of your application and should entice a recruiter to read your CV.  Making an excellent first impression is essential so you absolutely must submit an outstanding cover letter and CV.

Your cover letter should always be written in a formal, business format, with each letter tailored towards the position you are applying for.  Your cover letter must match your CV in terms of style, design and pitch to demonstrate a unified and professional image.

We would always recommend you use a very high quality paper for your cover letter and CV, at least 100g in weight and preferably with a watermark.  Here at Anglia CV Solutions, we always use a Conqueror paper and you can buy this from most major stationery retailers.

Cover Letter | Cover Letter Writer UKDo you feel confident enough to write your own cover letter? 

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What Type of Cover Letter Should you Use?

1) Specific or Advert Response Letter

When you are applying for a specific job from an advertisement, you should always scrutinise its content to ensure your skills and experience match the requirement of the position.  If job and person specifications are available, you can use these to help you to construct a cover letter which is totally tailored towards the job you are applying for, focusing on desired key words and core competencies.

2) Speculative Letter

If you don’t have a job advert but want to send out speculative letters to potential employers in your industry, many people find speculative letters useful.  Whilst you might not always get an instant response, some recruiters will keep your details on file, should a suitable position arise.  As you are aware, advertising positions can be expensive and with the recession, many organisations like to avoid unnecessary costs, if possible.

If your application is already on file, sending out a speculative cover letter and cv to targeted companies in your specialist field can prove fruitful.  Your CV and cover letter might just land on their doorstep at just the right time.Cover Letter Writing | Cover Letter Writer UK

Does it work?

Yes, it quite often does!  My own husband secured a job many years ago by targeting a local company with a speculative application, they were placing an advert in the loca newspaper that day!

What Other Types of Letter are There?

Of course, it is not just the cover letter which is important whilst searching for a new position, there are a number of other letters that are equally important if you are looking to portray a professional image and make the right impression.

We feel it is essential that you have a complimentary pack of letters that are suitable for all aspects of the recruitment process.  In total, Anglia CV Solutions can offer you a range of ten (10) job-related letters and we currently have these on special offer for you.

What is Included in Each Five Letter Pack?

Five Letter Pack A includes:

Our skilled letter writers will compose a set of five letters that compliment your CV and cover all aspects of your job search.

Five Letter Pack B includes:

Both Cover Letter Packs are just £30, so order yours today!

Please specify if you would like letter pack ‘A’ or letter pack ‘B’ on your order. If no preference is made, we will supply pack A.

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