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2504, 2016

How to secretly view Linkedin profiles

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How to secretly view Linkedin profiles

how to secretly view Linkedin profilesHave you ever needed to stalk someone’s Linkedin profile without them knowing? Well, there is a way to secretly view Linkedin profiles and it’s easy to do too!

Private Mode – Linkedin Account

If you switch your Linkedin account to private mode, your details won’t show up on their profile.  Instead, when they look in their ‘who’s viewed your profile’ section, your name and other contact details will not be displayed.

All they will see is ‘Linkedin member – this person is viewing profiles in private mode’; nothing more, nothing less. They won’t be able to find out any other information about you!

You should also be […]

2502, 2016

5 Top Tips for using Twitter to Search for Jobs

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Using Twitter to Search for Jobs.

Using Twitter to search for jobs is a good option for people in many professions.  Social media is growing at a rate of knots and isn’t to be ignored.  Whilst Linkedin is the obvious choice of social media platform to use to search for jobs, Twitter can can be an effective tool too if you use it correctly and set up your Twitter profile properly.

5 Top Tips for using Twitter to Search for Jobs.

1) Professional Profile

ACVS - Twitter Header 2016(2)

Complete your profile bio with a strong description of you, your job title and interests. Upload a professional-looking headshot photograph and make sure […]

2601, 2016

12 Steps to Reach All-Star LinkedIn Profile Status

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12 Steps to Reach All-Star Linkedin Profile Status

7 Easy Steps to Achieve All-Star Profile Strength on LinkedIn

If you want a really effectual Linkedin profile, you need to work hard to ensure it is as complete as possible, the ultimate aim should always be to reach all-star Linkedin profile status. Only when your Linkedin profile is full of useful information with endorsements and recommendations, and you’ve connected to at least 50 people, will you reach all-star Linkedin profile status.

“First Impressions Count – The more complete and professional your Linkedin profile looks, the better an impression you’ll make to a prospect, contact, recruiter or potential employer.”

Linkedin Profile Strength Meter

Have you ever logged on […]

1910, 2015

Include Qualification Acronyms on your Linkedin Profile

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How to include qualification acronyms on your Linkedin profile.

include qualification acronymns on your Linkedin profileIf you’ve got letters after your name, why aren’t you displaying them prominently on your Linkedin profile? One of the most important places to include qualification acronyms on your Linkedin profile is either on the end of your name or within your headline.

Whilst many people will include them in their education section, the majority fail to leverage the power of those letters in the most prominent part of their Linkedin profile.  If you include qualification acronyms on your Linkedin profile’s headline or name, you instantly get the credibility you deserve.

If you have master’s degree or PhD, a bachelor’s degree or other qualification […]

1810, 2015

How to upload your CV or Resume to Linkedin.

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Upload your CV or Resume to Linkedin

upload your CV or resume to LinkedinWhilst it’s essential you have a really good, optimised profile, it’s often a good idea to upload your CV or resume to Linkedin too, particularly if you’re looking for a new job. If you upload your CV or resume to Linkedin, it makes it much easier for a recruiter to download your details, and anything that makes a recruiter’s job easier will be much welcomed.

Following the introduction of the new links and media function on Linkedin, the process to upload a CV or resume has changed so you might find some out-dated blogs telling you to do it the […]

1210, 2015

The Importance of Linkedin Status Updates

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Linkedin Status Updates – Why They’re Important

the importance of Linkedin status updatesAre you one of the millions of Linkedin users who have a Linkedin profile but fail to update your status on a regular basis? You’re not alone, very few people realise the importance of regular Linkedin status updates.

Linkedin status updates are considered to be ‘activity’ on your Linkedin account and activity on your account is a good thing.

Why? Why? Why?

It shows you’re active

Regular Linkedin status updates demonstrate that you’re an active community member and help you to establish yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry, whilst developing your personal and professional online brand. The types of Linkedin status updates […]

1110, 2015

How to find former colleagues on Linkedin

By |

How to find former colleagues on Linkedin

how to find former colleagues on LinkedinLong ago, when I first started working, there wasn’t the wonder of the internet so over the years, I have managed to lose touch with lots of people I used to work with.  That’s hundreds of potential connections lost, many of which would make really good contacts today.  Not just colleagues but customers and suppliers too!

Are you in the same boat? Let’s find some of these people!

Whether you’ve worked for 1 year or 40 years there are ways you can find former colleagues on Linkedin. I will show you how to track them down. Former contacts are great people to ask for recommendations and

910, 2015

4 Key Places to Put Contact Details on Linkedin Profiles

By |

4 Places to put Contact Details on Linkedin Profiles

contact details on Linkedin profilesLinkedin is the leading online business networking platform so you could be missing out on business or career opportunities if you don’t provide your profile readers with easy access to your contact information.  Whilst you may automatically think everyone will check the contact section, surprisingly they don’t.  However, there are certain places people tend to look.  Keep reading and I’ll tell you about the 4 key places to put contact details on Linkedin profiles.

Linkedin users think and use the platform differently, that’s understandable as we’re not all cut from the same cloth but it can cause a bit of a headache when it comes […]

110, 2015

How to Add Links and Media on Linkedin

By |

Learn How to Add Links and Media on Linkedin

How to add links and media on Linkedin profilesThe inclusion of the media function on Linkedin is a much welcomed addition; allowing you to add links and media to your Linkedin profile.

The inclusion of documents, pictures, certificates, work samples can really make your profile shine and substantiate your skills and experience in the field.

You can remove, move, edit or add links and media on Linkedin within the summary, education and work experience sections of your Linkedin profile and it’s a simple process, albeit a little glitchy at times.  Here’s how you do it…

How to Add, Remove, Move or Edit Links or Media

To Add media or Links to your Linkedin Profile

Option […]

1108, 2015

8 Top Tips – Using Linkedin to Search for Jobs

By |

108, 2015

10 Ways a Linkedin Profile can find you a Job

By |

2607, 2015

Improve your Ranking in Linkedin’s People Search Results

By |

1206, 2015

Criteria to Add a Company Page on Linkedin

By |

Criteria to Add a Company Page on Linkedin

company page on Linkedin | Linkedin company page writer Linkedin company pages are free so they’re a fantastic way to promote a business’ products and services, share industry news, highlight key information and recruit talented staff.  With that in mind, it’s understandable why many businesses want to use this platform to promote their company.  If you’ve got a formal company name and a company email address, you can set up a company page on Linkedin within 10 minutes.

However, not everyone can add a company page on Linkedin, you have to meet certain requirements first.  This is a totally understandable precaution to ensure all company […]

1006, 2015

How to Create a Company Page on Linkedin

By |

How to Create a Company Page on Linkedincompany page on Linkedin | linkedin icon company pages

If you’re in business, having a live company page on Linkedin is essential.  Linkedin is a hugely popular business networking tool and you need to take advantage of the business and marketing opportunities it can offer.  The first way you can do this is to create a company page on Linkedin and use it as a window to your business, brand, services and products.  A company page on Linkedin is also an excellent tool for recruiting high calibre staff too, saving you thousands in recruitment fees.

To create a company page on Linkedin, you’ll first need to […]

605, 2015

How to customise Linkedin backgrounds

By |

How to customise Linkedin backgrounds

Customise Linkedin backgrounds | Linkedin profile writer UKHave you worked out how to customise Linkedin backgrounds yet?  The ability to customise Linkedin backgrounds is a fairly recent addition to Linkedin profiles, it allows the user to add a background image to their Linkedin profile.  Now you can customise Linkedin backgrounds, just as you can on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Linkedin has decided to use customised Linkedin backgrounds in much the same was as other social media sites, allowing you to fully personalise the picture.  Everyone who is serious about leveraging the power of Linkedin and networking absolutely must customise Linkedin backgrounds. It is the perfect opportunity to advertise and display your business […]

505, 2015

How to change Linkedin passwords

By |

How to change Linkedin passwords

change Linkedin passwords | Linkedin password security | how to change a Linkedin passwordChanging your password is pretty straightforward. It’s recommended that you change Linkedin passwords regularly and make your Linkedin password as difficult to decipher as possible.  Hackers love Linkedin accounts, they are full of valuable contacts and email addresses so make sure your Linkedin account is secure.

You should also consider backing up your Linkedin profile and contact too, we’ve written a blog post explaining how to back up a Linkedin profile, which you should read too.

Where to change Linkedin passwords

> Log in to Linkedin

> Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner

> Find ‘privacy […]

505, 2015

How to add, stop, or change the frequency of Linkedin email notifications

By |

How to add, stop, or change the frequency of Linkedin email notifications

Linkedin email notificationsIf you’ve done what I have suggested in other blog posts and joined 50 groups and connected like crazy, the chances are you’re now being absolutely bombarded with updates and Linkedin email notifications. Whilst the odd few are manageable, receiving Linkedin email notifications in droves can drive you slightly mad.  There is an answer and it’s quite easy to turn your Linkedin email notifications off completely, or change how frequently you receive them. Here’s how you do it.

Where to change Linkedin email notifications

Option 1 – Opt out via email

To stop receiving Linkedin email notifications from a specific group or a specific type […]

505, 2015

How to format text on Linkedin – bold, italics and underlining

By |

How to format text on Linkedin; bold, italics and underlining

how to format a Linkedin profile with bold, italics and underlineHow to format text on Linkedin is a question that comes up a lot from my customers and it’s one I don’t have a solution for at the moment.  Presently, there are limitations applied by Linkedin that prevent us from stylising our profiles too much, it’s all controlled their end.  Whilst we can add text, that’s all we can add, which is hugely annoying because sometimes a splash of bold can really help key information to stand out.  They do have some bold presets set for things like titles but that’s pre-programmed their end, you can’t […]

405, 2015

How to expand your Linkedin network

By |

How to expand your Linkedin network

Linkedin profile help | Linkedin profile writing service ukThe quickest and easiest way to expand your Linkedin network once you have exhausted friends, family and work-related contacts is to join groups.  Linkedin allows you to join 50 groups so make the most of this and join 50 groups, preferably ones with large group member numbers; those with tens or hundreds of thousands of members.

By joining groups with so many numbers, you are optimising your ability to network with as many people as possible. Every comment you make or post you like will expose your name to lots and lots and lots of people! What’s more, it’s the people with over […]

205, 2015

Adding Logos to Linkedin Profiles

By |

Adding Logos to Linkedin Profiles

ICv Writer | CV writing service | Professional CV Writer received an email from a client called Mark yesterday asking about adding company more logos to his Linkedin profile.  He’d spotted that some of his workplaces were sporting a corporate logo and others weren’t.

This wasn’t an oversight on my part but something that’s determined by Linkedin; if the company has a business profile registered on Linkedin, the logo will appear.  Unfortunately, if the company hasn’t currently got a registered business profile on Linkedin, their logo will not appear beside your position.

Can a logo still be added to a job position on Linkedin?

YES and NO

I’m afraid there’s no […]

205, 2015

Creating secure Linkedin passwords

By |

Creating secure Linkedin passwords

How to backup a Linkedin ProfileHaving a secure Linkedin password is imperative.  I access Linkedin on an almost daily basis so I can update and optimise clients’ Linkedin profiles. With clients granting me direct access to their Linkedin accounts, I have seen all sorts of Linkedin password combinations; some good ones and some very bad ones.

Whilst you may not think your Linkedin profile is compromised or that it could be hacked, it is more than possible that the badies out there will give it a good go given half the chance.  Your contact and email lists alone hold valuable information for them, for SPAM purposes if nothing else, so you need to […]

105, 2015

How to backup Linkedin Profiles

By |

How to Backup Linkedin Profiles

How to backup a Linkedin ProfileKeep a copy, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

It’s time to backup Linkedin profiles. Did you know that the Linkedin terms and conditions state that they effectively pull the plug on your Linkedin account without any warning at all?

“LinkedIn may terminate the Agreement and your account for any reason or no reason, at any time, with or without notice. This cancellation shall be effective immediately or as may be specified in the notice.”

So in a flash, all your hard work and profile details, recommendations, contacts, etc. could be gone, lost forever.

We all know how frustrating it is to lose such key information so here are […]

105, 2015

How to Add Bullet Points to a Linkedin Profile

By |

Add Bullet Points to a LinkedIn Profile

A common question thatHow do I insert bullet points in to a Linkedin Profile? arises is “How do I add bullet points to my Linkedin Profile?”

Frustratingly, Linkedin is still very behind the times in terms of being able to format your profile.  Presently, there is no bullet point button in Linkedin.  Actually, you can’t even embolden, italicize or underline text! The Linkedin edit function is purely a text editor, which is hugely frustrating and a little bit boring!  Hopefully, Linkedin will address this over the course of time.

However, there is a way to add bullets and symbols. 

How to add bullet points to a Linkedin Profile?

The […]

603, 2015

Why Do You Need A Linkedin Profile Picture?

By |

How Important is a Linkedin Profile Picture?

how important is a Linkedin profile pictureAccording to sources, Linkedin profiles with strong, business-like pictures attract 70% more engagement than those without, or with an ‘image coming soon’ picture.  The truth is, most recruiters won’t even click on a member’s Linkedin profile if there is no picture or a bit of a dodgy, drunk or group picture on there. At the end of the day, Linkedin is a professional networking tool and all aspects of your profile should be business-like.

In essence, your Linkedin profile is your online CV / resume!

Ask yourself this…

Would you add a […]

503, 2015

How to Keep a Linkedin Profile Updated

By |

How to Keep a Linkedin Profile Updated

Linkedin Profile Update GuideLinkedin is the number one online networking site for many people so it is essential to keep your Linkedin profile updated and effective, particularly if you are searching for a new job.

You should also make sure your Linkedin profile is optimised and refreshed on a regular basis because Linkedin often changes their format and adds new features, which you should take advantage of.

Linkedin Profile Update Guide

As a bare minimum, you should be doing the following on a regular basis:

  • Checking the key words on your Linkedin profile are still current
  • Ensuring your photograph has an up to date professional […]
1402, 2015

Linkedin Profile Checklist

By |

Linkedin Profile Writing Service | Linkedin Profile Update and Optimisation ServicesLinkedin Profile Checklist

5 Essential  Tips to Improve your Linkedin Profile

Presenting a strong and complete profile on Linkedin is essential if you are looking for a new job, it’s your online CV.  Millions of people are on Linkedin, including recruiters, headhunters and hiring managers so make sure your Linkedin profile is full of facts about your education and work experience to date.  Make sure you have covered all bases using our Linkedin profile checklist.

At the very least, you should…

1. Complete Your Linkedin Profile Summary

Ensure your Linkedin profile […]

1505, 2014

Top Tips to Improve LinkedIn Profiles

By |

20 Top Tips to Improve LinkedIn Profiles20 top tips - how to improve Linkedin profiles

Having an effective LinkedIn profile is essential for each and every business professional, whether you are looking for a new job, or not.  It’s your online CV and should be fully completed to market yourself and optimised to ensure you can be found to expand your network.  We have put together 20 top tips to improve Linkedin profiles, if you follow these easy steps, you’ll quickly improve and optimise your Linkedin profile.

20 ways to quickly improve your profile:

  1. Make sure the name you use is your full name, be professional and don’t use a […]
1505, 2014

How to View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

By |

Linkedin Profile Writing Services | Linkedin HelpHow to View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

There may be times when you want to have a sneaky peek at a few people’s LinkedIn profiles and don’t want them to know you’ve been looking. There is a way to disable your ‘who viewed your profile’ feature in your account.  If you follow these 5 simple steps, you’ll be able to view Linkedin profiles anonymously.

5 Steps to View LinkedIn Profiles Anonymously

  1. Click on your picture in the top right-hand corner
  2. Click ‘privacy settings’
  3. Find ‘profile’
  4. Click the ‘ you will be totally anonymous’ radial button
  5. Click ‘save changes’

It’s really quite simple when you know how!


Do you want […]

1505, 2014

15 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

By |

Linkedin Profile Writing Services | Linkedin Help15 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

You may have a LinkedIn profile already but is it optimised effectively and are you making some of the biggest Linkedin mistakes? There are number of Linkedin mistakes people make when they write their Linkedin profiles and there’s also etiquette guidelines to follow when it comes to LinkedIn, so make sure you’re not breaking any golden rules!

Take a quick look at our list below and make the necessary changes to your profile now.

Most Common LinkedIn Mistakes

  1. Not customising your personal headline
  2. Not including a photograph
  3. Using an unprofessional photograph
  4. Using a wrongly sized photograph
  5. Not updating or including any contact information
  6. Having an incomplete profile
  7. Not proofreading your profile for […]
1405, 2014

How to turn Linkedin Activity Update Notifications On and Off

By |

How to turn Linkedin Activity Update Notifications On and Off

Linkedin Profile Writing Services | Linkedin HelpIf you’re about to start updating and optimising your LinkedIn profile, you probably wont want to bombard your connections with multiple Linkedin activity update notifications, or you may wish to update your profile surreptitiously.  In this case, the best thing to do is to turn off the Linkedin activity update notifications, you can always turn them back on afterwards.

10 Simple Steps to Turn LinkedIn Profile Notifications On and Off

  1. In the top, right-hand corner, click on your profile photo
  2. A drop-down menu appears, go to ‘privacy settings’ and click ‘review’
  3. Enter your password, as requested by LinkedIn
  4. Find […]
1405, 2014

How to Block People on LinkedIn

By |

Block People on Linkedin | Linkedin Profile Writing Services | Linkedin Profile update and optimisationHow to Block People on Linkedin

There may be occasions when you need to block people on Linkedin, or perhaps a non-contact who is snooping at your profile.

Fortunately, it’s quite easy to block person people on Linkedin by following these 5 simple steps.

5 Steps to Block People on LinkedIn

  1. Find and click the name of the person you wish to block, this will take you to their profile.
  2. Under the person’s name (in the top profile box), you will see a blue box that says connect, a grey box to send in mail and then […]
1405, 2014

How to use the People You May Know on Linkedin Feature

By |

People you May Know on Linkedin | Linkedin Profile Writing Service | Linkedin Update and Optimisation ServicesPeople you May Know on Linkedin

Expanding your network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn operate a ‘people you may know’ system and it’s a fantastic way to expand your network. At the click of a button, you could be connecting with people you had simply forgotten about but could be the key to you climbing the career ladder, or you can use it as a great opportunity to touch base with long-lost friends and colleagues.

From what I understand, LinkedIn will make suggestions based on your address book import and will suggest people you may […]

1405, 2014

How to use LinkedIn to find an Internship or Graduate Job – 22 Top Tips!

By |

Find an Internship or Graduate Job  | Linkedin Profile Writing Service | Linkedin Update and Optimisation ServicesUsing LinkedIn to Find an Internship or Graduate Job

As a student or recent graduate, finding a suitable job or internships need not be as tricky as you think with the help of LinkedIn and an outstanding LinkedIn profile.  Having an attention-grabbing and informative profile is essential to maximise your chances of securing your ideal role.  Follow our 22 top tips if you want to find an internship or graduate job on Linkedin.

22 Top Tips to Find an Internship or Graduate Job on Linkedin

Below you will find some handy hints to help you optimise your profile and […]

1405, 2014

How to Use Linkedin to Find a Job – The 1 Hour Update Challenge!

By |

Use Linkedin to Find a Job | Linkedin Profile Writing Services | Linkedin Profile update and optimisationHow to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Help a Recruiter Find YOU!

Having a LinkedIn profile is essential for every single job seeker out there.  It’s amazing how many job opportunities there are on there if you know where to look, who to connect with and how to optimise your profile:

Take the 1 Hour Linkedin Update Challenge

Update your Headline

Make sure your headline outlines your position, your skills and what you have to offer; grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to delve deeper in to your profile.

Create a Profile

Create a comprehensive profile on […]

1405, 2014

How to use Linkedin for Job Searching

By |

Linkedin for Job Searching | Linkedin Profile Writing Services | Linkedin Profile update and optimisationHow to use Linkedin for Job Searching

Linkedin is HUGE so if you’re not already on there, you should be, using Linkedin for job searching can be a really useful tool.  However, having a basic and poorly populated profile will not do you any favours so it’s essential that you have a smart, professional and informative profile which accurately reflects your career history and sells your main skills.

Building an effective Linkedin network is essential to optimise your chances so use it wisely to sell your credentials, build a strong network and create a […]

1504, 2014

Linkedin Character Limits

By |

Linkedin Character Limits 

Linkedin character limits  | Linkedin profile writer UK Do you what character size restrictions are applied to your Linkedin profile? Find out here!

Please use the guide below to give you a better understanding of the current* Linkedin character limits  set by Linkedin when drafting your profile.  There is no leeway at all, each section must be no longer than the pre-set Linkedin character limit restrictions.

Remember, punctuation and every key stroke counts as a character so use the space wisely.

Linkedin Character Limits

    • Company Name: 100 maximum character limit
    • Professional Headline: 120 maximum character limit
    • Professional Summary: 2,000 maximum character limit
    304, 2013

    How to Increase Linkedin Endorsements – CV Writer

    By |

    Linkedin endorsements | LinkedIn Profile Writer | Social Media Profile Writing Service | Linkedin Endorsements & Recommendations

    Hopefully by now you are aware that Linkedin has introduced an endorsement system to complement the recommendations feature.  If not, you should do! Linkedin endorsements and Linkedin recommendations are a great addition to your Linkedin profile.

    Linkedin endorsements are not the same as the recommendations. A recommendation is a far more in-depth account of a person’s history and the results they have achieved. Endorsements are basically a simple click to confirm you can endorse the skill, it is a lot less involved than the recommendations system, plus, you don’t have to approve the Linkedin endorsement.

    How to Increase […]

    1203, 2013

    How to Create a Custom URL / Vanity URL on Linkedin

    By |

    How to Create a Vanity URL on Linkedin

    how to get a vanity on Linkedin | Linkedin profile writer | Linkedin profile writing serviceWe always recommend that you secure yourself a vanity URL on LinkedIn when searching for a job, this should be one of the first things you do.  Not only does a vanity URL on your Linkedin profile, CV and business cards look more professional, it’s easier to remember a vanity URL than a standard one with a long string of numbers that mean nothing.  Not only that, by using a vanity URL on Linkedin, it means you’ll have a better chance of being found by name when recruiters perform searches.

    For example:

    203, 2013

    Military/Armed Forces to Civilian CVs, Linkedin Profiles and Cover Letters

    By |

    Military/Armed Forces to Civilian CV Writing Services, Linkedin Profiles and Cover Letters.

    military/armed forces to civilian CV | Military CV to Civilian CV writing service based in the UK - UK Flag

    If you’ve served in the Armed Forces, such as the Army, Navy and RAF, or  worked in a security capacity in recent years and now fancy a change, we offer a comprehensive ex-forces CV writing service to help you make the transition.   Regardless of your rank, experience and skills, our military/Armed Forces to civilian CV writing service will provide you with the tools you need to launch yourself into a civilian role.

    There is inevitably going to be a transition from one […]

    2409, 2012

    Linkedin Profile Writing Services

    By |

    Linkedin Profile Writing Services

    Linkedin Profile Writers | Linkedin profile writing service | How to write a Linkedin ProfileAs you’ve probably read in the news, Linkedin has recently hit the 100,000,000 mark! An amazing achievement and one YOU need to be involved with so now is the time to use a Linkedin profile writing service to ensure your Linkedin profile is fully updated and optmised.

    That’s a whopping one hundred million users all connecting online, advertising their Linkedin profiles to each other, continually making connections and expanding their professional network.  You need to be a part of this valuable social networking platform if you’re serious […]

    1706, 2011

    10 Top Tips to Optimise your Linkedin Profile

    By |

    10 Top Tips to Optimise your Linkedin Profile

    Optimise your Linkedin profile | Linkedin Profile Writing Service | Linkedin Update and Optimisation ServicesEarlier this week, I was contacted by one of my CV writing clients, they asked me how they could elevate their profile on Linkedin.  After popping a few hints down on a message for them to get started, the inspiration came to me that this subject would make a great blog post.  So, here are my 10 invaluable  top tips to optimise your Linkedin profile.

    10 Top Tips to Optimise your Linkedin Profile

    1.     Complete your Linkedin Profile

    It might sound obvious but do take the time to complete your online profile as comprehensively as possible, it is amazing how […]

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