Personal Statements for Job Application Forms

Personal Statement Writer | Statement of Suitability | Personal Statement Help and AdviceMore and more organisations, particularly in the public sector, are moving over to applications forms and the need to complete a personal statement section on the application form.  This can be a daunting prospect for even the most competent person because more often than not, candidates are just not accustomed to using creative writing techniques, effectively selling themselves to prospective employers and translating all their skills and experience in to positive language that clearly outlines to an employer what they can do for their organisation.

As such, we offer a customised and bespoke personal statement/statement of suitability writing service to help you make the best impression to a recruiter, writing you a persuasive and captivating personal statement that will reflect all of your key strengths, skills, competence and experience.

With 9 years’ experience completing application forms and writing personal profiles, we have mastered the art of composing copy for personal statements that cover all industries and all levels of career.  We use enthusiastic language to put a positive spin on your academic and work-based skills and attributes, making sure all the key points in the personal and job specifications are matched and reinforced with brief examples, where required. To date, we have a 100% customer satisfaction rate!

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“Thank you for the personal statement, I really appreciate your response at such short notice.  I am really pleased with it.”

S Beek – Nurse


How Much Does a Personal Statement for a Job Application Cost?

400 WORDS – A bespoke 400 word personal statement, which is approximately half A4 page is just £49.99

700 WORDS – A bespoke 700 word personal statement, which is approximately one A4 page is just £69.99

Where Can I Place An Order?

Personal statement writer for Job Application Form

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Then all you need to do is upload or email us the relevant documents with your application deadline date.

What Information Do We Need?

Personal Statement Writing Service | Job Application Personal Statement*  A copy of the application form you have completed to date

*  An up-to-date copy of your CV, where possible

* Any draft personal statement you have tried to write

Personal Statement Writing Service | Job Application Personal Statement*  The Job Specification

*  The Person Specification

*  Examples of your work may also be required

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