How to Write an Interview Date Acceptance Letter

Interview date confirmation letter Congratulations on receiving an invitation to attend an interview, your CV and/or Linkedin profile have got your foot through the door! Now, it’s time to be courteous and respond to the company by sending an interview date acceptance letter.

Sending an interview date acceptance letter acknowledges that you’ve received the letter offering you an interview, begins the process of relationship building and demonstrates your passion for the job.

What to write in an interview date acceptance letter

An interview date acceptance letter should not only confirm that you’ll be attending the interview, it should also demonstrate why you’d be best suited to the role you’ll be interviewing for.

Your interview date acceptance letter or email should be concise but written in a professional tone. It should always be presented in a formal letter format to make the best impression.

10 Steps to Write an Interview Date Acceptance Letter.

Step 1

Ensure the letter is addressed correctly, dated and includes the title or job reference number.

Step 2

Open your letter with Dear Sirs or Dear Mr…/Mrs… if you have a contact name.

Step 3

The opening paragraph of your letter should thank them for inviting you to attend an interview and confirm that you will be attending. Ideally, you will include the job title of the position you’re interviewing for to avoid any doubt.

Step 4

It is wise to mention the day, date and time of the interview in your letter, just in case there have been any scheduling errors or typos on the offer letter.

Step 5

If the organisation has multiple locations, mentioning the proposed location of the interview is generally advised.  If you’re not sure, telephone the company.  The receptionist will be more than willing to answer any questions so use the opportunity to confirm key details, such as the location, how to spell or pronounce the interviewer’s name or even ask for directions.

Step 6

Convey your enthusiasm for the role and the opportunity to attend an interview, reiterating your suitability for the role.

Step 7

This is a good place to ask if the interviewer/interview panel would like any further information prior to the interview or if you’re expected to bring any documents with you.

TIP: It’s always a good idea to take copies of your CV and references to an interview.

Step 8

Close your letter by thanking them for the opportunity again and mention that you’re looking forward to meeting them.

Step 9

Sign off your interview date acceptance letter correctly.

  • If you used Dear Sirs, then you need to end your letter with yours faithfully.
  • If you used Dear Mr/Mrs, then you need to end your letter with yours sincerely.

Sign the interview date acceptance letter.

Step 10

Proofread your letter several times to identify mistakes.

Once you’re satisfied with it, fold it in to three and place it in to an envelope and address it correctly.  Use a label where possible, rather than handwriting, particularly if your handwriting is a little on the scruffy side.

If you’re sending the letter via email, copy and paste the letter in to the main body of the email. Most people prefer to see it in front of them, rather than open an attachment.

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