Linkedin Status Updates – Why They’re Important

the importance of Linkedin status updatesAre you one of the millions of Linkedin users who have a Linkedin profile but fail to update your status on a regular basis? You’re not alone, very few people realise the importance of regular Linkedin status updates.

Linkedin status updates are considered to be ‘activity’ on your Linkedin account and activity on your account is a good thing.

Why? Why? Why?

It shows you’re active

Regular Linkedin status updates demonstrate that you’re an active community member and help you to establish yourself as an authoritative figure in your industry, whilst developing your personal and professional online brand. The types of Linkedin status updates you use can help to reinforce your competence as well as highlight your industry skills and knowledge.

You show up more in the activity feed

All your Linkedin status updates will show up in your activity feed (unless you have notifications turned off), this means your updates also show up in your contacts’ activity feeds too. Once again allowing you to showcase your talents to your network.

Plus, if your contacts comment on your Linkedin status updates, the reach of your update widens further!

It helps you move up the pecking order

How, you might wonder? Well, the more active and authoritative your Linkedin profile becomes, the higher your name will appear in the Linkedin people search results.  This is a very good thing, particularly if you’re seeking new opportunities or want to be head hunted by the thousands of recruitment agents and headhunters using Linkedin every day.

16 examples of great Linkedin status updates

  1. Sharing industry insights
  2. Posting links to articles and other newsworthy items
  3. Sharing some top tips
  4. Asking your contacts to connect on another social network
  5. Asking questions to engage your network
  6. Providing advice or words of wisdom
  7. Sharing ‘quotes of the day’
  8. Liking or commenting on a contact’s post
  9. Sharing your network status
  10. Promoting events
  11. Advertising something of interest
  12. Sharing infographics
  13. Posting videos (suitable for Linkedin)
  14. Uploading images or memes
  15. Making company announcements
  16. Linking to an article or publication you’re quoted in



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