4 Places to put Contact Details on Linkedin Profiles

contact details on Linkedin profilesLinkedin is the leading online business networking platform so you could be missing out on business or career opportunities if you don’t provide your profile readers with easy access to your contact information.  Whilst you may automatically think everyone will check the contact section, surprisingly they don’t.  However, there are certain places people tend to look.  Keep reading and I’ll tell you about the 4 key places to put contact details on Linkedin profiles.

Linkedin users think and use the platform differently, that’s understandable as we’re not all cut from the same cloth but it can cause a bit of a headache when it comes to knowing where the best place is to put contact info; some people don’t even know about clicking the ‘contact info’ button and some will not be bothered to scroll all the way down the very bottom of your Linkedin profile to locate your ‘advice for contacting me’ box.

Read this article and check out my Linkedin profile to see first-hand where to put contact details on Linkedin profiles. I am a Linkedin open networker (LION) too so feel free to send me a connection request.

Where to Put Contact Details on Linkedin Profiles

#1. Your Tagline

If you’re serious about looking for a job, your tagline needs to be spot on.   You have 120 characters to use so make use of all of them.  Don’t just list your job title and think that’s enough.  It’s not. More and more people are now including a telephone number or email address in their tagline, just like me!

3 Key Places to put Contact Details on Linkedin Profiles

#2. In the ‘Contact Info’ Section of Linkedin

Yes, I know it sounds like I am stating the obvious but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t spot the contact info box, leaving their profile without any contact details.

Add as much information as you can, including an email address, a contact number, links to a website/portfolio/blog (if they are professional) and your Twitter username (if your Tweets are the sort of thing a potential employer could read).  In the interest of data protection, it’s not wise to include your full address but you should at least give the country or area you live in to help you show up more in Linkedin’s people search results.

3 Key Places to put Contact Details on Linkedin Profiles

#3. In the ‘Advice for contacting….’ Box

Hidden down at the very bottom of your Linkedin profile is the ‘advice for contacting box’.   Make sure you complete this! Just because it’s way down at the bottom, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it.  Many seasoned Linkedin users know that this section exists and head there once your headline and profile have sparked their interest.

contact details on Linkedin profiles | linkedin contact - contact box

#4. In the Summary Section of your Linkedin Profile

Some schools of thought believe this to be a bit ‘salesy’ but done tactfully, it’s often a good way to spark a phone call or email.  Your Linkedin profile summary is your elevator pitch, it needs to be engaging, whilst outlining all your key skills, experience and achievements.

Make the reader want to read on and to contact you as the best person for the job.

Contact Details on Linkedin Profiles



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contact details on Linkedin Profiles