9 Ways to Improve your Personal Brand

Do you know how to improve your personal brand?

Your personal brand is synonymous with your reputation, it’s what people think and say about you when your out of earshot. Naturally, you want to make the best first impression and create a professional image that others admire, establishing yourself as a key industry figure or gaining the recognition you deserve for your expertise.

What steps can you take to improve your personal brand?

Here are 9 key ways to improve your personal brand, check each one and make the changes needed to enhance peoples’ perceptions of you.

10 ways to improve your personal brand

1. Your email message content

Your emails should always be well-written and error free. Never write anything in an email that could result in your brand being blotted.

2. Your voicemail greeting

Your voicemail greeting needs to be clear and understandable, announcing who you are and if it’s a work phone, the name of the company before your message.

Use clear diction, don’t ramble or speak to fast. Practice your greeting before you hit record, write it down or type it out if you need to.  That’s what I do to stop me stumbling over my words as my mind goes blank!

3. Your personal telephone greeting

Do you sound smiley and approachable or aggressive when you answer a telephone call? Strive to answer calls promptly, handling issues and resolving queries as soon as possible to demonstrate your efficiency and problem-solving skills.

4. Your professional email signature

An email signature should reflect your status and position. Include your name, title and contact information at least.  If you have professional social media accounts, you can add them too if your organisation permits it. Give people as many opportunities as possible to find out about the real you.

5. Your social media bio and posts

By embracing social media you can quickly widen your network and develop strong connections but only if your personal brand is one that encourages people to connect.

Your social media bio should be up-to-date and persuade people to engage with you. When writing status updates and posts, demonstrate your industry knowledge.  Position yourself as an industry expert and gain a reputation as someone who is interactive and friendly.

6. Your business card

It goes without saying that a business card is not only reflecting you but the organisation you represent too so it needs to be professionally printed on good quality card.  No Vistaprint-type cards please!

When your business card is designed, ensure it has all the key information on it, including your Linkedin profile URL and don’t forget to use the reverse. A well thought out and good looking business card gives the right first impression about you and your organisation.

7. How you conduct yourself online and offline

Have you Googled yourself lately? If not, why not? Do it now, what comes up in the first 50 search results?  All good, I hope!  How would your work colleagues and business contacts describe you? Have you asked them?

The way you act, the way you dress, your body language, your demeanour and your style of delivery should always be professional, whether you’re communicating and interacting with people online or offline. Act responsibly and avoid involvement in anything which may be considered inappropriate.

That late night drunken Tweet may just come back and bite you on the behind one day!

8. The quality of the work you submit/complete

Quality, presentation and accuracy should be at the forefront of your mind whenever you take on a new task.  Mistakes can cost you dearly.  If you submit sloppy, half-finished, half-hearted work, it will show. Whilst we all have our off days, consistently producing inferior work can really damage your personal brand.

9. The way you interact and address people

If you’re rude and obnoxious, it’s fair to say you’re not going to make friends and influence people. The way you interact with people online and in the real world is paramount when you’re trying to create a robust reputation and develop a personal brand.

Do you offer the personal touch with genuine human engagement, going out of your way rather than just going through the motions?  The way you interact and address people matters a great deal when you’re building your trademark and developing a reputation that precedes you in a positive light.

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