5 Tips – How to Complete Application Forms

How to complete job application forms

Completing Application Forms

Do you have to complete application forms this week?

Filling out application forms is tedious when it’s far easier to attach a CV to an email. However, if you know how to complete application forms, it can make the process far less painful.

Once you have done a couple the process becomes easier still, particularly if you retain copies of the forms  you’ve already completed. Quite often you’ll find the questions on application forms are similar and seeking the same sort of answer.


It always pays to plan ahead and practice so don’t skip this vital step. Practice your answers, do some research and note down details which support your application.

Follow the Instructions

You’ll be surprised how many candidates fail to read the instructions properly when they complete application forms.  If it tells you to write in black ink and  to use capitals, then you absolutely must do it or your form will be binned.

Use Examples

This aspect is really important, it helps to justify your experience and skills when you complete application forms.


It goes without saying really that your application form should be word-perfect so read your application form several times to ensure your spelling and grammar are perfect.

Retain a Copy

As mentioned above, keep copies when you complete application forms, it helps to have them to hand to refer to when you sit down to fill out your next batch.


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