8 Top Tips for using Linkedin to Search for Jobs

Linkedin - blue peopleFollow our 8 top tips for using Linkedin to search for jobs and vastly improve your chances of securing a new job.


Connect, connect, connect.  I cannot stress enough how important it is to build your professional network when you’re looking for a new job and with over 300 million users, Linkedin is the perfect platform to expand your personal and professional network. Building valuable relationships can be a great door opener both here in the UK and overseas; don’t just connect, engage too.

Demonstrate Expertise

Get involved in industry-related groups, participate in discussions and answer questions.  Using Linkedin to search for jobs could be the key to your success.  Demonstrating your industry knowledge on a public forum may well impress a recruiter or employer in the same network.

Complete your Linkedin Profile

The devil really is in the detail when using Linkedin to search for jobs.  You need to ensure your Linkedin profile is complete, with each relevant section filled in with as much information as possible. It’s absolutely essential to include your full work history and include bullet points that convey your full range of skills and experience, plus all your work-related acheivements.

Linkedin now includes a media function to upload documents or pictures, which support your experience and skills so take advantage of this and upload pertinent information, porfolios, reports, photographs, project details, etc.

Use Linkedin Job Search

Linkedin boasts a great job search facility tool that enables you to search for jobs by job titles, keywords or company name. There is also an ‘advanced’ feature to define your search criteria so make sure you use this tool to search for jobs directly on Linkedin.

Smile, You’re on Camera!

A professional headshot photograph on your Linkedin profile is vital if you’re serious about using Linkedin to search for jobs.  Recruiters and employers want to see who you are and a headshot picture is the best way of doing this. The picture should be of you and you alone, not your kids or pets, not a holiday snap or a picture from a drunken night out.
If you don’t have a professional-looking picture, take one now.  Stand against a light coloured wall or sit at your (tidy) desk and ask someone with a decent eye for taking pictures to take a head and shoulders picture of you to use on your Linkedin profile.  Smile, you need to look personable and approachable to maximise your chances of people clicking your Linkedin profile to read more about you.

Go Fishing

Not literally but take some time out to look for past and present contacts, clients, suppliers, school pals, colleagues and employers to see if they’re also on Linkedin.  If they are, send them a connection request. All these people are a good source of information when you’re using Linkedin to search for jobs, they can also provide you with recommendations, endorsements and references.

Check Out Company Pages

If there’s a company or two that you’d like to work for, follow them and visit their Linkedin company page. If you’re following them, you’re best placed to find out when they advertise any vacancies, it’s a great way of using Linkedin to search for jobs. With vacancies in mind, check to see if the company has any current vacancies listed.  You never know, the perfect job might just be waiting for you!

Watch Your Ps and Qs

It’s a good idea to post updates on Linkedin but as with any social media platform, don’t post or say anything which could compromise your chances of getting a job. If you can see employers’ posts, they can see yours too, particularly on Linkedin.  Make sure every update is relevant, respectful and suitable for a business networking platform, particularly when you’re using Linkedin to search for jobs.

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