10 Ways a Linkedin Profile can Find you a Job

10 Ways a Linkedin Profile can find you a Job| Linkedin profile writing service Did you know that Linkedin is becoming one of the most popular ways to find a new job? Well, it is and you need to be in the midst of it! More and more people are polishing their Linkedin profiles to impress recruiters and by following our ’10 ways a Linkedin profile can find you a job’ checklist, you can boost your chances too.

Why is Linkedin becoming more popular?

Companies and recruiters love Linkedin because it’s provides them with a huge pool of potential job candidates that fit their criteria.  Presently, it’s a free way to recruit so more and more recruiters and HR departments are ditching their expensive advertising campaigns and moving over to Linkedin to source suitable candidates.

With this in mind, you need to ensure your Linkedin profile can help you secure your dream job!

10 Ways a Linkedin Profile can Find you a Job

A perfectly written Linkedin profile can help you…

  1. Create a professional online brand that opens doors
  2. Improve your chances of being found online
  3. Build a strong network with like-minded people, industry contacts, etc.
  4. Re-connect and stay in touch with key contacts and potential employers
  5. Connect with hiring managers and recruitment professionals in your industry sector
  6. Increase your exposure to recruiters and the chance of being headhunted
  7. Uncover a host of job opportunies; PAYE, contract, project and freelance work
  8. Become recognised as an industry expert by exchanging ideas and helping others
  9. Give you first-hand access to industry news, company information and career details
  10. Search for jobs and access Linkedin’s vast database of vacancies

You can’t afford not to be active on the world’s largest professional networking platform so make sure you optimise your Linkedin profile to find a new job.

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