6 Top Tips for Completing Job Application Forms [Infographic]

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Completing Job Application Forms

Completing job application forms is often viewed as a daunting task, nothing more than a giant headache for many people but with a little planning and preparation, you can train yourself to answer the questions thoroughly and correctly.

Always print out a copy of the job application forms beforehand if you can. Read the instructions twice over at least to ensure you fully understand the completion criteria.  You don’t want to waste a couple of hours completing a job application form only for it to be put straight in the bin because you used the wrong colour ink, didn’t use capitals or some other simple but essential instruction.  Too many people make silly mistakes and it can easily cost them their dream job.

Keeping copies of previously completed job application forms is essential for any serious job hunter.  You’ll find that many of the questions that crop up overlap so you can crib information from old  application forms to make the process of completing job application forms less painful and laborious.

Whenever you’re answering questions, try to substantiate your points with examples, facts and figures. This gives your application more weight because you have provided evidence of your competence.   Likewise, try to include your key skills and how you applied them and don’t forget your achievements too.  Don’t just write that you increased sales, tell the reader how much you increased sales, in what timeframe and what positive impact this had for the organisation.

I think it goes without saying that once you’ve spent several hours completing a job application form, it is essential you take 20 minutes to proofread it. Don’t just skim over the answers, read it thoroughly and get a friend or family member to read it too.   If you’re submitting a typed or hand-written application, there is no excuse for skipping this vital step. Spelling and grammatically mistakes can be fatal, they have and they continue to be one of the biggest reasons for not being called for interview.  If you submit a sloppily completed job application form, the employer will think you don’t want the job and are not concerned with attention to detail.

So, whatever job you are applying for, take care and take your time; completing job applications forms correctly is not something to be overlooked.