5 Proven Job Hunting Methods

Last year we conducted a survey of 100 clients to find out what methods they were using to search for jobs.  The results made interesting reading with many people overlooking some essential job hunting techniques, such as careers fairs, job fairs and networking.  Only 38% of clients interviewed had used all 5 methods during their career.

Many felt careers fairs were just for students, which I can understand but there are lots of job fairs held across the UK too which are for all ages and levels of candidate.  Others were neglecting to leverage the power of Linkedin and networking when job hunting, which is a huge mistake.

5 Ways to look for jobs infographic

When you’re job hunting, don’t get stuck in a rut and only focus on one method, explore other options.

Linkedin / Networking

In my opinion, everyone who is looking for a job should have a strong, up-to-date Linkedin profile.  Essentially, it is your online CV and a fantastic way of showcasing your skills and experience.  What is more, there are lots of ways to network and get your name known in your industry on Linkedin.

Again, networking and widening your connections is a great way to get your name known as an industry expert.  The more people you know, the more job openings you will be aware of and more people will have your details to hand should a perfect job opportunity arise in their organisation.

Trade / Industry Publications

Industry and trade publications can be a great source of information to establish who is recruiting and many publications have a job section too. Subscribe to online and printed publications if you’re serious about finding a job in your sector, particularly if it is a specialised industry.


Whilst it is a bit old fashioned compared against the internet, many companies still use this fail safe method to advertise positions so make sure you’re getting all your local papers on a weekly basis and any focused on your industry.

Job Fairs / Careers Fairs

Whilst you may think these are just for students, they’re not.  Many are open to people of all ages, experience and skill sets.  It’s worth Googling to see which job and careers fairs run in your area so you can pop along and see what is on offer.

Recruitment Agencies

Widely used and worth signing up to because it’s in their interest to find you a job. There are thousands of agencies online and on the High Street so there’s bound to be several that specialise in your market niche.

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