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If you’re in business, having a live company page on Linkedin is essential.  Linkedin is a hugely popular business networking tool and you need to take advantage of the business and marketing opportunities it can offer.  The first way you can do this is to create a company page on Linkedin and use it as a window to your business, brand, services and products.  A company page on Linkedin is also an excellent tool for recruiting high calibre staff too, saving you thousands in recruitment fees.

To create a company page on Linkedin, you’ll first need to have a personal Linkedin profile set up and meet the criteria for company pages on Linkedin.  It is also advisable to add your work email address to your profile to avoid having to go through the email confirmation process.

How to Add a Company Page on Linkedin

Setting up a company page on Linkedin is quite simple, follow our step-by-step guide and you’ll have your company page on Linkedin set up within the next 10 minutes.

> Log in to your Licompany page on Linkedin | linkedin icon company pages |create company page - Linkedinnkedin profile

> Find ‘interests’ on the menu bar

> Select ‘companies’

> Select ‘ create a company page’

> Enter the official and full name of your company and your work email address

> If Linkedin sends you a confirmation email, follow the instructions on the email

> Complete the ‘basic company information ‘ section

> Enter your company’s URL and a company description (200-2500 characters with spaces) to publish your company page on Linkedin

Other Sections of your Company Page on Linkedin

There are a few other tabs within your company page on Linkedin that you should take a look at, here’s a few ideas:

> Take a look at the ‘careers’ section, this is where you can advertise jobs

> Visit the  ‘products and services’ tab to add and promote your goods and services

> Check out ‘page statistics’ to see your Linkedin company page’s traffic

> Promote your company page, look for the link to ‘Developers’ in the Plugins menu to add different link buttons



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