Criteria to Add a Company Page on Linkedin

company page on Linkedin | Linkedin company page writer Linkedin company pages are free so they’re a fantastic way to promote a business’ products and services, share industry news, highlight key information and recruit talented staff.  With that in mind, it’s understandable why many businesses want to use this platform to promote their company.  If you’ve got a formal company name and a company email address, you can set up a company page on Linkedin within 10 minutes.

However, not everyone can add a company page on Linkedin, you have to meet certain requirements first.  This is a totally understandable precaution to ensure all company pages on Linkedin are genuine and of interest to the Linkedin community.

8 Key Requirements to Add a Company Page on Linkedin

  1. You must have a personal LinkedIn profile set up in your own bone-fide name
  2. Your personal Linkedin profile must be at least a week old
  3. You need to have a number of genuine connections to prove your account is real
  4. You need to have a strong personal profile to show you’re active, it must be at intermediate or all-star status
  5. The company you’re adding must be listed in the experience section of your Linkedin profile
  6. You will need to add your business email address to your Linkedin account to verify you work there
  7. You must have a unique company domain name
  8. You can only use your company’s domain name once to prevent page spamming

Create your Company Page on Linkedin today!

Linkedin is the leading social networking site for professionals, so we would advise every company create a company page as soon as possible to leverage the power of business networking.


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