How to add, stop, or change the frequency of Linkedin email notifications

Linkedin email notificationsIf you’ve done what I have suggested in other blog posts and joined 50 groups and connected like crazy, the chances are you’re now being absolutely bombarded with updates and Linkedin email notifications. Whilst the odd few are manageable, receiving Linkedin email notifications in droves can drive you slightly mad.  There is an answer and it’s quite easy to turn your Linkedin email notifications off completely, or change how frequently you receive them. Here’s how you do it.

Where to change Linkedin email notifications

Option 1 – Opt out via email

To stop receiving Linkedin email notifications from a specific group or a specific type of email, open that email and go to the email footer. Click the unsubscribe link in the footer of that email and you should no longer receive any more Linkedin email notifications from that specific group.

Option 2 – Change Linkedin email notification settings

To alter the frequency of Linkedin email notifications, you need to head to the email frequency settings page,  which is quite easy to find.  However, if you have no clue where to look, I’ll tell you how to find it below:

> Log in to your Linkedin profile

> Move your cursor over to your profile picture on the right

> Find ‘privacy and settings’ and click ‘manage’

> You might be asked to log in again for security purposes

> Click the ‘communications’ tab, which is next to the envelope icon

> Click ‘set the frequency of emails’ to change your Linkedin email notification settings

Which Linkedin email notification settings can you change?

You can change a number of things in this section, including:

  • Messages from other members
  • Updates and news
  • Group digests
  • Notifications
  • Messages from Linkedin

If you follow these simple steps, you will be able to control the level and frequency of Linkedin email notifications you receive.

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