How to format text on Linkedin; bold, italics and underlining

how to format a Linkedin profile with bold, italics and underlineHow to format text on Linkedin is a question that comes up a lot from my customers and it’s one I don’t have a solution for at the moment.  Presently, there are limitations applied by Linkedin that prevent us from stylising our profiles too much, it’s all controlled their end.  Whilst we can add text, that’s all we can add, which is hugely annoying because sometimes a splash of bold can really help key information to stand out.  They do have some bold presets set for things like titles but that’s pre-programmed their end, you can’t change it. Frustrating, isn’t it?

Perhaps in time, Linkedin will update their text editor and allow us to format text on Linkedin more and include the ability to apply bold, italic or underline details.

How to add visual appeal to a Linkedin profile

At the moment, the only way to add visual appeal is to add bullet points or symbols to your Linkedin profile and I’ve written a blog post already showing you how to do this.  Take a look.  Whilst this isn’t a perfect solution, it’s the best we have at the moment to format text on Linkedin.

A word of warning…

A word of warning, don’t go mad with bullet points and symbols.  Remember you need to ensure your Linkedin remains professional.  Adding a huge array of different symbols and bullet point styles makes your profile look naff and a bit tacky so use them with caution to highlight only key data.


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