How to expand your Linkedin network

Linkedin profile help | Linkedin profile writing service ukThe quickest and easiest way to expand your Linkedin network once you have exhausted friends, family and work-related contacts is to join groups.  Linkedin allows you to join 50 groups so make the most of this and join 50 groups, preferably ones with large group member numbers; those with tens or hundreds of thousands of members.

By joining groups with so many numbers, you are optimising your ability to network with as many people as possible. Every comment you make or post you like will expose your name to lots and lots and lots of people! What’s more, it’s the people with over 500+ connections that show up more in search results and are they’re higher up the lists too. That point alone makes it worth investing a few hours to increase your connections.

How to find Linkedin groups to join

How to find Linkedin groups with large membership numbers

The best way to find Linkedin groups with the BIG numbers is to click here! The most highly subscribed Linkedin groups appear at the top of the list, so take your time looking through them and request to join as many groups as you can that are relevant to you or your industry.  Then, start networking, connecting, commenting, liking and posting as and when you can.

How to find networking-focused (LION) Linkedin groups

You may have seen a few of your contacts using the term LION in their Linkedin profiles.  LION is an acronym for ‘Linkedin Open Networker’ and it’s an excellent way to increase your visibility and expand your Linkedin network. By joining LION groups, you’re effectively giving other members the green light to send you connection requests.  Likewise, they’ll welcome connection requests from you too.

The requirement to know the person or be introduced by a connection is removed, you can jump straight in and become an open networker.  These are practiced networkers so you won’t get ‘I don’t know’ (IDK) responses to your invitations to connect so you won’t get in to trouble with Linkedin.

5 Great LinkedIn LION open networking groups to join

  5. LION™ Worn with Pride!

These groups have huge membership numbers, attracting members from all over the world and from all industries.  They are the perfect audience for you to grow your network.  The more people you connect with these avid networkers, the more you will show up in searches and in timelines.  Once you reach 500+ connections, you will appear higher up in search results too!

How to find industry-specific and niche Linkedin groups

> Log in to your profile

> Look for the search bar at the top

> Click the menu bar to the left and select groups

> Type a relevant search term

> Request to join the groups

> Start networking, connecting, commenting, liking and posting


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