How to customise Linkedin backgrounds

Customise Linkedin backgrounds | Linkedin profile writer UKHave you worked out how to customise Linkedin backgrounds yet?  The ability to customise Linkedin backgrounds is a fairly recent addition to Linkedin profiles, it allows the user to add a background image to their Linkedin profile.  Now you can customise Linkedin backgrounds, just as you can on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Linkedin has decided to use customised Linkedin backgrounds in much the same was as other social media sites, allowing you to fully personalise the picture.  Everyone who is serious about leveraging the power of Linkedin and networking absolutely must customise Linkedin backgrounds. It is the perfect opportunity to advertise and display your business name and details if you’re a business owner, or a chance to showcase your talents and stand out.

Personalise and brand your profile, upload a relevant image and customise Linkedin backgrounds!

How to customise Linkedin backgrounds on your profile

> Log in on a computer (not mobile device)

> Go to ‘edit profile’

> Hover your mouse in the area above your name and profile picture

> You should see ‘edit background’ appear

> Click ‘edit background’

> Chose to change, remove or save a customised Linkedin background

> Select ‘change image’ to upload a customised Linkedin background

What size image to use to customise Linkedin backgrounds

For the best results, you need to use an image that is 1400 x 425 pixels wide, or use a template this size and put promotional text and information in the relevant areas, as shown below.

customise Linkedin backgrounds | Linkedin background template

Because Linkedin’s background is responsive, the image is able to grow and shrink responsively depending on the screen size of the device you use to view it.  The downside to this is that a large proportion of the 1400 x 425 pixels will not actually see, so it’s no good putting promotional material in dead space that won’t be seen in the majority of cases.  This means you have to place your logos and details carefully to ensure they are visible to other Linkedin users.

What do customised Linkedin backgrounds look like?

The template above outlines that the best place to put logos and key information is in the white section labelled 1040 x 110 pixels above.  If you follow this template to customise Linkedin backgrounds, your information should display like this.

customise Linkedin backgrounds | Linkedin profile writer

What types of pictures are used in customised Linkedin backgrounds?

Whatever image you select, it must be a good fit with your personal brand to convey the right message to your Linkedin connections and potential networkers.  Because I am a business owner, I’ve opted to use my logo and a few lines to succinctly outline what I do.  Alternatively, you could perhaps use:

  • Products you sell
  • Details of the service(s) you provide
  • Your office building
  • Your workspace
  • A picture of you and your team (if the faces fit in the small window of display)
  • A picture of you doing something business-related
  • A business logo
  • Other professional picture

Above all, make sure your background is professional and reflects you accurately as a brand.  Linkedin may be a social networking site but it’s focus is on business so it’s essential you bear this in mind when you upload profile pictures or customise Linkedin backgrounds.  So, no pictures of your family, your pet rabbit, holiday snaps or what you got up to at the weekend.

Share your ideas for customised Linkedin backgrounds

Do you have any other Linkedin background ideas? Once you’ve uploaded your customised Linkedin background, post the link to your profile below to share your ideas and get networking!

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