Adding Logos to Linkedin Profiles

ICv Writer | CV writing service | Professional CV Writer received an email from a client called Mark yesterday asking about adding company more logos to his Linkedin profile.  He’d spotted that some of his workplaces were sporting a corporate logo and others weren’t.

This wasn’t an oversight on my part but something that’s determined by Linkedin; if the company has a business profile registered on Linkedin, the logo will appear.  Unfortunately, if the company hasn’t currently got a registered business profile on Linkedin, their logo will not appear beside your position.

Can a logo still be added to a job position on Linkedin?

YES and NO

I’m afraid there’s no way to add it alongside your job role presently (unless you own the company and set up a business profile) but there is a way to add the logo underneath using the add media function. This is the next best thing at the moment and something worth considering as an interim measure to get a logo up on your profile.

Who knows, Linkedin may tweak things in the future or the companies may just realise they are missing a trick by not having a company profile up on Linkedin.

How to add a logo to a Linkedin profile using the media function

> Login to your Linkedin profile

> Click ‘profile’ and ‘edit profile’

> Look for the square with a plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner, which turns blue on hover (see below)

> Click to upload a file or picture, or link to a URL

Linkedin profile writer - how to add a logo to a Linkedin profile

What else can you upload to a Linkedin profile?

LinkedIn allows you to use the embed media tool to upload numerous things.  For example, you could include samples of your work, add links to portfolios and websites, or upload documents, pictures, recommendations, certificates, etc. to your LinkedIn profile.

Presently, you can add media to the summary, education, and experience sections of your LinkedIn profile.  It’s definitely worthwhile spending some time embellishing your profile to showcase the full extent of your experience and industry knowledge.

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