Add Bullet Points to a LinkedIn Profile

A common question thatHow do I insert bullet points in to a Linkedin Profile? arises is “How do I add bullet points to my Linkedin Profile?”

Frustratingly, Linkedin is still very behind the times in terms of being able to format your profile.  Presently, there is no bullet point button in Linkedin.  Actually, you can’t even embolden, italicize or underline text! The Linkedin edit function is purely a text editor, which is hugely frustrating and a little bit boring!  Hopefully, Linkedin will address this over the course of time.

However, there is a way to add bullets and symbols. 

How to add bullet points to a Linkedin Profile?

The easiest way to add bullet points to a Linkedin profile is to simply copy and paste!

You may wish to write your profile using a word processing program first and then copy and paste the text, including bullet points or symbols in to your profile.  Alternatively, you could copy and paste just the bullet itself if you have already written your profile.

How to copy and paste bullet points in to a Linkedin profile

  1. Highlight the detail you want to copy
  2. Once highlighted, click control+C (Windows), Apple+C (Mac) in your wordprocessing program, or right click and select COPY in the menu
  3. Your symbol/text has now been copied and is ready to be pasted in to your profile
  4. Paste the detail by clicking control+V (Windows), Apple+V (Mac) in your wordprocessing program, or right click and select PASTE in the menu

Tada! It’s done. 

You should now see your bullet point statements on the screen, they should look something like this.

Linkedin Profile | How to write a Linkedin Profile | Linkedin profile writer UK

Don’t forget to save it!

What type of bullet point should you use?

Whilst there are hundreds of different bullet points styles and symbols, remember this is a business site so I would strongly recommend you use sensible bullet point styles and symbols on your Linkedin profile so it looks professional.  Save the silly bullet points, smileys and symbols for places like Facebook.

Plain, simple and professional looks best.  I prefer to see and always use a black, circular bullet point.

How to insert bullet points in to a Linkedin Profile

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