How to Keep a Linkedin Profile Updated

Linkedin Profile Update GuideLinkedin is the number one online networking site for many people so it is essential to keep your Linkedin profile updated and effective, particularly if you are searching for a new job.

You should also make sure your Linkedin profile is optimised and refreshed on a regular basis because Linkedin often changes their format and adds new features, which you should take advantage of.

Linkedin Profile Update Guide

As a bare minimum, you should be doing the following on a regular basis:

  • Checking the key words on your Linkedin profile are still current
  • Ensuring your photograph has an up to date professional headshot
  • Check the name fields are correctly completed, don’t put anything else in the name fields, it will hinder your chances of being found
  • Read your profile’s summary and make any necessary changes so it accurately reflects your key skills and experience; use this space to tell other people why they should employ you or why a client should use your services
  • Chase up recommendations; the more you have, the better as they act in a similar way to a reference on a CV/ resume
  • Take advantage of any new features added to Linkedin profiles; upload supporting documents, include links, add media, pdf files, videos, etc.  Add anything that boosts your credibility and supports your experience and academic achievements.
  • Cast your eyes over your work section; can you add anything, have you been promoted, won an award, finished a project, etc?
  • Spend a few minutes endorsing Linkedin contacts, they will hopefully endorse you in return
  • Do you have anything of value or newsworthy to share in the update or posts section?
  • Take a few minutes to check the ‘people you may know’ section to add connections and expand your network or use their facility to import and connect with contacts
  • Generally check all the sections and look out for any new sections Linkedin have added since your last logged in
  • Respond to connection requests and messages

Spending half an hour every month or two on your profile and following our Linkedin profile update suggestions is all it takes to keep it fresh so don’t let your Linkedin profile go stale.

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