How Important is a Linkedin Profile Picture?

how important is a Linkedin profile pictureAccording to sources, Linkedin profiles with strong, business-like pictures attract 70% more engagement than those without, or with an ‘image coming soon’ picture.  The truth is, most recruiters won’t even click on a member’s Linkedin profile if there is no picture or a bit of a dodgy, drunk or group picture on there. At the end of the day, Linkedin is a professional networking tool and all aspects of your profile should be business-like.

In essence, your Linkedin profile is your online CV / resume!

Ask yourself this…

Would you add a picture of you with a bunch of friends or holding your kids on a CV or job application? No, of course you wouldn’t so why do people still upload inappropriate pictures to their Linkedin profiles?

10 top tips for Linkedin profile pictures

1) Use a current picture: The picture must be fairly recent and be a true reflection of you.

2) Use a picture of yourself: Don’t use a photo of anything else or upload an avatar.

3) Use a head and shoulders shot: No one will see you in a full body shot and just a huge face looks rather odd.  A head and shoulders picture on your Linkedin profile works best (see mine and connect).

4) Make sure it’s a picture of YOU: Dont use a group picture, how will people know which one is you? Don’t use a picture that you’ve cropped someone else out of, it shows, no one wants to see an odd bit of arm!

5) Go pro: Where possible, get a professional head shot done, taken against a plain background.  Many High Street photographers offer this service or if money is tight, get them to take a passport photograph.

6) Be Smart: Wear something smart and fitting for your career level, select a colour that suits you and avoid busy patterns or clashing colours.

7) Show your best side: Relax your shoulders, sit at an angle to the camera and turn your head back to look directly at the camera for a flattering look.

8) Smile: People engage with people who smile a lot more than those who look downright miserable; even if you hate being photographed, make sure you look friendly and approachable.

9) Look well-groomed: Make sure your hair is freshly washed, neat and tidy; remove excessive jewellery and piercings and apply just the right amount of make up.

10) Refresh periodically: If you’ve changed the way you look, change your picture. If you grow or cut your hair, grow or lose a beard, gain a few wrinkles or need to wear glasses, make sure your picture reflects the changes.

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