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Congratulations on securing a job interview, you’re over the first hurdle but don’t mess it all up now.  Follow the 10 simple steps in our interview checklist to boost your chances of impressing the interviewer.

The Interview Checklist

We have prepared a checklist of things you should do before an interview.

  1. Do your research, find out about the company
  2. Find out where you are going and plan a route
  3. Double check you know who you are meeting with
  4. Prepare a list of questions to ask
  5. Practice answering typical interview questions
  6. Dry clean your suit or buy suitable clothing
  7. Print off copies of your CV and read it beforehand
  8. Have reference details to hand
  9. Be polite and friendly to the receptionist/staff
  10. Arrive promptly, give a firm handshake and smile

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