Hobbies and Interests on a CV

hobbies and interests on a CV Early Career

Including your hobbies and interests on a CV can prove useful, particularly if you are starting out your career or applying for a junior level position. If you have no or little experience, the inclusion of hobbies and interests on a CV gives the employer an insight of you as a person. It can also demonstrate your ability to work within or lead teams, build relationships, use creative thinking, adopt positions of responsibility, etc.

As well as listing hobbies and interests on a CV, don’t forget to list extra-curricular activities if you’re at college or university, particularly if they will help to support your application or reinforce your knowledge or skill in a certain area.

Where possible, tie in hobbies and interests that could help to influence the person reading your application. Many hobbies and interests provide vital transferable skills, which are worth mentioning.

Well-Established Career

If you have a more established career, keep details very brief or omit them.  In the main, it is not as imperative to include hobbies and interests on a CV once you have a strong history of full time work under your belt.  Once you’re established in your field, your skills and experience will carry more weight so there is less need to include hobbies and interests on a CV.

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Including hobbies and interests on a CV