24 hour CV Writing Services

Why don’t we offer a 24 hour turnaround service?

24 hour CV Writing ServicesQuite simply, our years of experience in this industry have taught us that 24 hours is just not long enough to provide a high quality professional cv writing service so we made the decision not to offer 24 hour CV writing services.

For us, customer satisfaction is imperative and we strive to spend ample time composing CVs that secure our clients interviews.

Time produces high-quality CVs, not a quick turnaround

We want to take the time to evaluate your key skills and work history and liaise with you to extrapolate vital information required to draft an interview-winning CV.  This can rarely be done with 24 hour CV writing services, unless the company isn’t very busy.  Then you have to ask yourself, why are they not very busy?

Many of our CVs can take up to 10 hours to write.  We put in an extensive amount of time, effort and research to ensure we can fully convey your skills and experience and market you correctly towards the roles you wish to apply for in your industry.  It also takes much time to proofread and edit the final CV to ensure it’s word-perfect by the time it arrives in your inbox.

Whilst some of the other CV writing companies do offer 24 hour CV writing services, we know for a fact that they do little more than a reformat your CV and run spelling and grammar check. Some CV writing companies instruct their writers to spend no more than 45 minutes to 1 hour writing a CV.  This sounds about normal for most 24 hour CV writing services. Less than an hour is just not long enough. Is that really what you want, a cursory effort on what is probably one of the most important documents you own?

All good things come to those that wait

Remember the saying, all good things come to those who wait?  Never has this saying been more important than when you’re considering using one of the many 24 hour CV writing services.  A great CV just can’t be rushed and if anyone tells you otherwise, they are probably being disingenuous just to win your business.

It’s better to wait a few days and receive a CV that will make you stand out and vastly improve your chances of securing an interview.

 CV Writing Services

We offer a wide range of CV writing, review and editing services to suit all needs.  We can vastly improve your chances of securing an interview, so contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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