What paper should I print my CV on? | What paper do you print a CV on?What paper should I print my CV on?

Customer Question: What paper should I print my CV on?

It is important to make an excellent first impression and to do this you need to use a good quality printer and paper.  In an ideal world, you’d use a laser printer but most people tend to have inkjet printers, which are ok but make sure the print quality is set to its highest.

The paper must be high quality grade paper.  We favour Conqueror paper but any paper that is water marked and at least 100g in weight should suffice.  This is where you don’t want to cut corners and use cheap and cheerful copy paper. Oh, and do make sure the watermark is the right way up.  Little things can make all the difference when it comes to presentation.

If your CV is more than one side, use more than one sheet of paper.  Do not be tempted to print on both sides.  Most recruiters expect to see 2 page CVs and may miss vast chunks of your experience by not flipping the page.  Sounds silly, I know but don’t miss out for the sake of one piece of paper.

One last note, never photocopy your CV.  ALWAYS print out a new copy for each application.


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What paper should i print my CV on?