Should you staple CV pages?

Should i staple CV pages together?Customer question: “Should I staple cv pages together?”

If you CV is more than one page long then yes, you should staple CV pages together.  The separate sheets of paper should be stapled using a single staple in the top left-hand corner of the paper. I know this may sound OTT but try to make sure the staple is straight whether you chose to staple on the diagonal or horizontal, it is the little things that make all the difference.

Never use a paper clip, staple CV pages.  Don’t send in separate sheets of paper when you apply for jobs because you run the risk of one page becoming lost.  There is an awful lot of valuable information on an A4 page, making sure that both pages get in front of the recruiter is essential.

If a recruiter wants to scan your CV on to their computerised system, they will be used to removing a paperclip but won’t spend 5 minutes hunting for the missing CV page.

Use a good quality stapler with decent sized staples to ensure it looks neat and tidy.  Avoid using the tiny, little staplers.  One last thing… make sure the staple is folder over properly on the reverse.  Sometimes staplers don’t always staple properly, particularly when combining a number of sheets of paper.

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