should i put logos on my cv?Should I put company logos on my CV?

We regularly receive emails from clients and job seekers asking:

“Should I put company logos on my CV?”

This is our advice on the inclusion of logos on a CV

We would strongly advise you NOT to use company logos on your CV.  It is simply not necessary and is far too distracting to the reader. You may think it will aid you application, particularly if it’s a well-known brand but it wont.

You do not want to include anything, including company logos that will distract the reader from the content of the CV. Plus, logos come in all shapes and sizes and adding them in can make the CV look messy and play havoc with its formatting. They also come in all sorts of colours and the inclusion of colour on a CV is to be avoided.  Plain white paper and black text with limited use of bold is the best approach to take when writing a CV.

Furthermore, it’s really important that everything on your CV is consistent and correctly formatted, your words should sell your experience, skills, attributes and academic success, not the fact you’ve worked for a leading brand.

Good, strong, clean presentation is essential when you’re writing a CV and logos just clutter up the page in our opinion.

Including Logos on Linkedin

Save logos for Linkedin profiles.  If the companies you’ve worked for have a company page set up on Linkedin, their logo should appear to the right hand side of your job title on your Linkedin profile.  Not every company has a business page listed so you may not be able to add one for every company.

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do i add company logos on my CV? | Logos on CVs