Job Interview Success5 Top Tips for Job Interview Success

Interviews are never easy and more often than not people are nervous, which can have a huge effect on their performance. With a little forethought and our 5 top tips for job interview success, you’ll be better placed to give a polished interview and maximise your chances of success.

5 Top Tips for Job Interview Success

1) Preparation

Preparation is vital to make you feel more confident and will enable you to provide answers to the interview questions, which will convince the interviewer(s) you are the most suitable candidate for the job.  Be sure to have a good answer outlining why you want the role, find out about the company itself and as much as you can about the job itself.  Some companies now offer ‘informals’ where you can visit beforehand to get a feel for the place so it is always work asking. It also shows your enthusiasm for the role.

2) Arrive on Time

With almost all of us having a sat nav or a smart phone with mapping facilities and apps, there is no excuse not to arrive promptly.  If you are unsure of where you are going, take the time to travel to the location before the interview day so you are familiar with the route. Failing that, bring up an online map and plan possible route alternatives in case of traffic or other unforseen circumstance.

The other benefit of knowing where you are going and arriving early is you will give yourself more time to relax and compose yourself sufficiently to excel during the interview.

3) Convey Confidence

Even if you are a quivering bag of nerves inside (don’t worry, it happens to most people) try not to show it on the outside for job interview success.  Easier said than done, I know.  If you show how confident and enthusiastic you are, you will instantly display your strength to the interviewer and give the impression  you can perform in the role with professionalism.

4) Know Your Answers

Whilst you are never going to know exactly what the interviewer is going to ask you, you can be one step ahead by preparing suitable answers to some of the most common interview questions.  That said, there is a fine line between knowing what answer you will give and reciting the answer parrot-fashion, which will make you sound like a robot and gives the impression you have learnt it word-for-word from an interview guidance book.  Make sure your answers sound natural and reassuring.

In addition to knowing your answers, make sure you have a few questions of your own to ask too for job interview success.

5) Dress to Impress

There is no point spending all that time preparing for an interview if you look shocking.  Try your outfit on before the day of the interview to make sure its clean for starters and the general rule is if it’s too short, too big or too tight, change what you’re wearing.

Portraying a smart, neat, tidy and professional image to the interviewer(s) is essential for job interview success so don’t cut corners, borrow an outfit if you need to but don’t just throw on any old thing in your wardrobe.

If you would like a more definite list of what to wear and how to present yourself, our ‘what to wear to an interview’ blog post gives both men and women a detailed breakdown on how to best present yourself for an interview.


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