Professional CV Writing ServiceShould I Use a CV Writing Service?

More and more job hunters are turning to professional CV writing companies to construct their CV and gain a competitive edge.

Which CV writing service should you use?

Us, of course!

As your Google search has probably shown, there are a LOT of CV writing companies out there but sadly, not all of them are good ones with a strong reputation for delivering highly effectual CVs that secure interviews.  Whilst they might have a flashy website or have literally paid to show up on Google, it doesn’t mean they are the best ones to opt for.  Just so you know, our search results are all 100% organic, we don’t pay for a page 1 slot via PPC!  We are there because we are a long-established company who have earned our place.

Types of CV Writing Service

A lot of companies are one-man-bands, some are simply middle-men that pass out work to other companies and there are of course others who are part of major recruitment organisations.

Some of the much cheaper services will either simply re-type your CV in to a better format or give it a quick ‘lick and polish’.  Unless your CV is great already then we would recommend you avoid these type of £25-40 services unless a quick tidy up is all you want. Cheap and cheerful conveyor belt CVs that follow the same template are not always the best option so think about investing wisely in your career and using a company like us who can help you move up the career ladder.

What you really want is a CV writing company like ours because we offer a range of services to suit all budgets and requirements.  We have a professional CV writing service, which includes an online consultation or the more expensive premium professional CV writing service, which includes a full telephone or Skype consultation.

Both these services include a bespoke CV written from scratch based on your current CV, a comprehensive questionnaire and email consultation to ascertain key facts, or telephone/Skype consultation for the premium service.  This enables us to drill down to discover the essential facts required to make your CV more competitive.  Our aim is to write you a brand new CV that will fully market you to a prospective employer, highlighting your key skills, experience and attributes.

We also offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and the opportunity to review your CV before we submit your final copy to disseminate.

What are the Benefits of Using a CV Writing Service?

In simple terms, writing a CV yourself is very time-consuming, extremely demanding and quite often frustrating so many people now turn to us as industry experts to write their new CV. More and more schools are failing to teach students how to write CVs and many other educational and employment services are dishing out duff and out-dated information regarding CVs, which not only wastes your time but also means it takes a heck of a lot longer to find a job.  At the end of the day, you want a CV that is going to work for you and secure your dream job as quickly as possible.

As professional CV writers we fully understand the importance of getting your CV right; including the right balance of information reinforced with key facts and figures. We know exactly how to present your CV, what key words to include, how to draft bullet point statements that sell your experience and how to craft a CV to pass applicant tracking software criteria.

All our CVs are bespoke, written specifically for the individual client, matching their attributes, skills and experience to meet their own job search criteria.

What are the Cons of Using a CV Writing Service?

If you chose the right CV writing service, there will be no cons.  Your CV writing company should work with you to ensure your CV suits your needs and maximises your employment prospects on the open market, this is what we do.  There may be occasion where you need to question or clarify how or why something has been written or presented in a certain way, added or taken out but any good CV writing service will be happy to explain this reasoning to you.  We would rather you asked and we told you why something is done is a certain way so you know we have your best interests at heart.

At the end of the day, we pride ourselves on providing CVs that work and we know they are effective because over the years we have been in business, clients have returned to us to have their CVs updated and have recommended us to their friends and family.

What if I am Still Not Sure about Using a CV Writer?

If you are still unsure, we would recommend you look at our testimonials page, Facebook page or Twitter stream, where you will find genuine feedback from many customers spanning back over 5 years!

At the end of the day, it is your choice and personal preference.  If your current CV isn’t working or you haven’t updated your CV for a while, it is very likely there is something wrong with your CV or you have become out of touch with the every-changing requirements of today’s competitive marketplace.

Writing about yourself objectively isn’t easy, which is why it can often be better to hand the baton over to someone who has the skills, experience and expertise to capture and present your key skills, achievements and experience in an effective format.

Failing that, pop to the bottom right of our page and click chat to speak to one of our CV writers who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 How Do I Place My CV Writing Service Order?

Placing an order is easy, we have a comprehensive list of services in our online shop or you can click ‘buy now’.  This includes standalone CV writing services and packages that include cover letters and Linkedin profiles.

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