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Expanding your network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn operate a ‘people you may know’ system and it’s a fantastic way to expand your network. At the click of a button, you could be connecting with people you had simply forgotten about but could be the key to you climbing the career ladder, or you can use it as a great opportunity to touch base with long-lost friends and colleagues.

From what I understand, LinkedIn will make suggestions based on your address book import and will suggest people you may know.  Of course, there are bound to be a few people in the mix you’ve never heard of but knowing modern technology, there will likely be more that you do know of.

For those you don’t know, you just click the ‘X’ icon and the potential connection will disappear in to thin air!

Where do you find the people you may know on Linkedin feature?

If you don’t know where to find the ‘people you may know on Linkedin’ feature, go to your home page or profile and look for the search bar on your screen.

To help you get started  right now, we’ve written a few tips to help you broaden your connections on LinkedIn.

  • Find People: Create a strong professional network of valuable connections.  Connect with those people who know you and could endorse or recommend you.  Whilst numbers aren’t everything, the more people you connect with the wider the net you cast.
  • Personalise your Invitations: Put a personal touch on your connection invites.  It only takes a few seconds to include a personal note and it’s easily done by clicking on the envelope icon.
  • Monitor your own Invitations:  Invitations will no longer be in the inbox, so check the people you may know page on a regular basis.  If you can’t recall how you know the person, hover over their business card and LinkedIn will give you a bit of an insight.
  • Get Introduced:  If you would like to connect to a certain person just outside your network, don’t be afraid to ask your connections to introduce you to people to extend your network.

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