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Help a Recruiter Find YOU!

Having a LinkedIn profile is essential for every single job seeker out there.  It’s amazing how many job opportunities there are on there if you know where to look, who to connect with and how to optimise your profile:

Take the 1 Hour Linkedin Update Challenge

Update your Headline

Make sure your headline outlines your position, your skills and what you have to offer; grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to delve deeper in to your profile.

Create a Profile

Create a comprehensive profile on LinkedIn to reflect your CV. include current and former employment details, with links to organisations’ websites if they are large companies.

Add a Headshot Photo

Ideally, you should add a good, professional-looking headshot taken against a plain white background for maximum impact.  The recommended size is 80×80 pixels.

Add a Personalised Background

You can now customise your Linkedin profile’s background by adding a picture to the head of  your profile.

Build Your Network

Start building connections and consider becoming and LinkedIn open networker (LION).  Connect with people you know from the past and present to widen your network and increase your connections. The more people you connect with, the greater the opportunity you have to connect with someone who could be hiring.

Upload your CV

Use the documents app to upload your CV.  We suggest you remove your full address and just include the area and a contact email address to protect your identity.

Get Recommendations

Don’t be afraid to ask for Linkedin recommendations from people you have worked with, recommendations carry a lot of weight in the business world.

Give Recommendations

You can also give Linkedin recommendations in the hope that they will be reciprocated.

Give Endorsements

Whilst Linkedin endorsements don’t carry the same weight as recommendations, they are helpful to boost profiles.  With endorsements, many people will endorse you back in your endorse them and it’s a good way for prospective employers to see that your industry colleagues think highly of you.

Search Jobs

Use the job search section to find job listings, respond accordingly.

Keywords and Skills

You can include 50 keywords in the skills section so make sure you use all of them, this will help your profile to be found.

Follow Companies

Follow the companies you want to work for to keep up-to-date with their news and vacancies.

Stay Connected

Make sure you update regularly.  A great way to do this is to download the LinkedIn app to your phone and once or twice a week post a professional update, share news, etc.

Make your Profile Public

Sounds obvious but if your profile is not set to public, no one will be able to find you!

Create and Vanity URL

A Linkedin vanity URL is essential if you plan to hand out business cards, CVs, etc with your LinkedIn profile details on there.  A vanity URL looks both neater and more professional.

Download the App

Get off Facebook and download the Linkedin app, make sure you’re in the right place at the right time to spot opportunities by checking for updates frequently.


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