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As a student or recent graduate, finding a suitable job or internships need not be as tricky as you think with the help of LinkedIn and an outstanding LinkedIn profile.  Having an attention-grabbing and informative profile is essential to maximise your chances of securing your ideal role.  Follow our 22 top tips if you want to find an internship or graduate job on Linkedin.

22 Top Tips to Find an Internship or Graduate Job on Linkedin

Below you will find some handy hints to help you optimise your profile and navigate your way around aspects of LinkedIn many people don’t know even exist.

1. Update your Headline

Make sure your headline outlines your position and what you’re looking for grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to delve deeper in to your profile. “A LLB Law Student at XYZ University seeking an internship with a Magic Circle firm.

2. Create a Profile

Create a comprehensive profile on LinkedIn to reflect your CV.  Include current and former employment details, voluntary work experience, school work experience, part-time roles, extra-curricular activities, projects that have given you work-related, transferable skills, etc.

3.Use the Student-Focused Sections

You will have to add these to your profile by clicking the ‘+’ button but include details such as projects completed, certificates, languages, organisations, charities, etc.

4. Add a Headshot Photo

Ideally, you should add a good, professional-looking headshot taken against a plain white background for maximum impact.  The recommended size is 80×80 pixels.

5. Build Your Network

Start building connections and consider becoming and LinkedIn open networker (LiON).  Connect with people you know from the past and present to widen your network and increase your connections.  Connect with work people, classmates, teachers, friends, family, neighbours, etc. The more people you connect with, the greater the opportunity you have to connect with someone who could be hiring.

6. Upload your CV

Use the add media function to upload your CV.  We suggest you remove your full address and just include the area and a contact email address to protect your identity.

7. Get Recommendations

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations from people you have worked with, completed projects with and studied alongside, recommendations carry a lot of weight in the business world.

8. Give Recommendations

You can also give recommendations in the hope that they will be reciprocated.

9. Give Endorsements

Whilst endorsements don’t carry the same weight as recommendations, they are helpful to boost profiles.  With endorsements, many people will endorse you back in your endorse them and it’s a good way for prospective employers to see that your colleagues and classmates think highly of you.

10. Keywords and Skills

You can include 50 keywords in the skills section so make sure you use all of them, this will help your profile to be found.  Include work-based, transferable and personal skills.

11. Stay Connected

Make sure you update regularly and state you’re looking for an internship or entry-level position.

12. Follow Company Pages

Make sure you follow companies who you are interested in working for.  That way, you will be able to see their updates on a regular basis. They may just be advertising the perfect position!

13. Search the Student Jobs Portal This is a special section on LinkedIn to find internship and entry-level positions.

14. Search Jobs

Use the job general search section to find job listings, respond accordingly.

15. Alumni Networking

Find your Alumni and begin to network.   Go to Network> Alumni

16. Use Tools for Students

Go to Interests > Education > Tools for Students

17. Make your Profile Public

Sounds obvious but if your profile is not set to public, no one will be able to find you!

18. Create and Vanity URL

A vanity URL is essential if you plan to hand out business cards, CVs, etc with your LinkedIn profile details on there.  A vanity URL looks both neater and more professional.

19. Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to update your status stating you are looking for a job, internship or entry-level position.

20. Join Groups

Find some groups which cover the industry you want to work in, join them and participate where you can to get your name known.

21. Apply for Positions

Use LinkedIn to apply for positions, then follow up a few days later with an email.

22. Download the LinkedIn App

Download the app so you can browse whenever you have a few spare minutes.  Don’t open Facebook, checked LinkedIn instead!


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