20 Top Tips to Improve LinkedIn Profiles20 top tips - how to improve Linkedin profiles

Having an effective LinkedIn profile is essential for each and every business professional, whether you are looking for a new job, or not.  It’s your online CV and should be fully completed to market yourself and optimised to ensure you can be found to expand your network.  We have put together 20 top tips to improve Linkedin profiles, if you follow these easy steps, you’ll quickly improve and optimise your Linkedin profile.

20 ways to quickly improve your profile:

  1. Make sure the name you use is your full name, be professional and don’t use a nickname
  2. Include your location in the header section
  3. Brand your personal headline to encourage people to read your profile
  4. Include a couple of ways for people to contact you; email, Twitter, Facebook
  5. Include your industry in the header section
  6. Upload a professional-looking headshot (head and shoulders only taken against a plain background)
  7. Secure yourself a vanity URL
  8. Frequently update your status and share relevant stories/news
  9. Keep your skills section up-to-date and use all 50 skills to improve your profile’s SEO
  10. Use available Apps to give readers visual examples of your work; projects, pictures, CV, etc
  11. Keep connecting; aim to expand your network on a weekly basis and consider being a LION
  12. Add voluntary experience, as well as work experience
  13. Endorse others to get reciprocal endorsements
  14. Increase your credibility by securing recommendations
  15. Join industry-related groups
  16. Follow companies in your industry
  17. Include all your jobs so you have a complete timeline
  18. Make sure your profile is complete, written using bullet point statements
  19. Write a captivating summary to sum up your key experience, skills and attributes
  20. Add, complete and update as many of the sections as possible




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