Linkedin Profile Writing Services | Linkedin Help15 LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

You may have a LinkedIn profile already but is it optimised effectively and are you making some of the biggest Linkedin mistakes? There are number of Linkedin mistakes people make when they write their Linkedin profiles and there’s also etiquette guidelines to follow when it comes to LinkedIn, so make sure you’re not breaking any golden rules!

Take a quick look at our list below and make the necessary changes to your profile now.

Most Common LinkedIn Mistakes

  1. Not customising your personal headline
  2. Not including a photograph
  3. Using an unprofessional photograph
  4. Using a wrongly sized photograph
  5. Not updating or including any contact information
  6. Having an incomplete profile
  7. Not proofreading your profile for spelling and grammatical errors
  8. Including inappropriate or unprofessional content; remember this is a business site, not a social one
  9. Sending out excessive connection requests, it is good etiquette to just send one
  10. Hiding your profile from viewers
  11. Not having a vanity URL
  12. Not reciprocating endorsements
  13. Not joining and participating in groups
  14. Not responding to messages in a timely manner
  15. Not writing a personal note when sending connection requests

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