Linkedin Character Limits 

Linkedin character limits  | Linkedin profile writer UK Do you what character size restrictions are applied to your Linkedin profile? Find out here!

Please use the guide below to give you a better understanding of the current* Linkedin character limits  set by Linkedin when drafting your profile.  There is no leeway at all, each section must be no longer than the pre-set Linkedin character limit restrictions.

Remember, punctuation and every key stroke counts as a character so use the space wisely.

Linkedin Character Limits

    • Company Name: 100 maximum character limit
    • Professional Headline: 120 maximum character limit
    • Professional Summary: 2,000 maximum character limit
    • Specialties: 500 maximum character limit
    • Website Anchor Text: 30 maximum character limit
    • Website URL: 256 maximum character limit
    • Position Title: 100 maximum character limit
    • Job Description: 200 minimum and 2000 maximum character limit
    • Interests: 1,000 characters (separate using a comma)
    • Phone number: 25 maximum character limit (visible to 1st degree connections only)
    • IM (Instant message): 25 maximum character limit (visible to 1st degree connections only)
    • Address: 1000 maximum character limit (visible to 1st degree connections only)
    • Key Skills: You may add up to 50 skills using 61 maximum characters per skill
    • LinkedIn Status Update: You can use up to 700 characters but try to keep within the 140 Twitter® limit because only 140 characters will be visible


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* 2014 – subject to change by Linkedin at any time