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Your personal profile is a very important aspect of your CV.  Getting you CV personal profile wrong could mean the difference between your CV being read, or not.  Because it’s the first thing a prospective employer sees, it needs to stand out and make a fantastic first impression.  You literally have just a matter of seconds to capture the reader’s attention and encourage them to read the rest of your CV.

Writing a catchy, succinct personal profile about yourself to outline your key skills and experience, and telling them how you can make a difference to their company is generally the bit people find the most tricky.

Feeling daunted?  Don’t be.  For just £10 one of our professional CV writers can take that stress away from you.  They write professional profiles for CVs every day of the week; they know exactly how a personal profile should be written and what should be included in it. Click here to buy your CV’s personal profile statement.

Our expert professional CV writers will write you a descriptive, insightful, concise, dynamic and influential personal profile which will confidently and positively articulate your key skills and abilities.  We can also tailor the personal profile around a specific job advertisement for maximum impact.

We can also include a short, concise objective statement that will advise the recruiter of the type of position you are currently seeking if your application is more speculative.

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