Key Transferable Skills

Although you might say you have no key skills, everybody has transferable skills that they may not even realise they have. Most people use these skills every day without thinking so quite often we find candidates who say they don’t have skills, really do but because they are second nature to them, they often miss their true value.

How to Find Key Transferable Skills for your CV or Resume

Below you will find some of the most common key skills listed.  Can you complete each box and give an example to indicate something you have done at school/college/university, or in the workplace for each heading?

Here are just a few examples of key skills you could include on your CV and a few pointer questions to get your mind whirring:

Industry Skills

  • Do you have any industry-specific skills or qualifications?

Problem Solving

  • What issues/problems have you identified?
  • How did you solve them?


  • Have you led a team inside our outside of work, or at college? If so, note it on your CV
  • Did your leadership result in anything positive?

Team Work

  • When have you worked effectively in a team?
  • What did you do in the team?
  • How did your input benefit the team?
  • What positive results did the team achieved?


  • Can you identify examples of strong administration skills?
  • What functions/actions did you perform to ensure the project/business/office ran seamlessly?


  • What have you planned and organised?
  • Did it run smoothly?
  • What did you achieve?


  • Do you have any IT skills?
  • If you are in a technical field, what technical skills might a potential employer find beneficial?


  • How do you communicate?
  • Can you negotiate or use influencing skills?
  • Do you speak any foreign languages?
  • Can you deliver presentations, write letters, converse on the telephone, write emails?

Customer Service

  • Do you offer a polite, friendly and courteous service?
  • Are you good at helping people?
  • How do you go the extra mile?
  • What issues have you resolved?

Deadlines/Time Management

  • Can you plan and ensure you use your time effectively?
  • Have you had to meet any deadlines at work or academically?

Specialist/Field/ Industry-specific skills

  • List details of you key skills and supply evidence of their use or your academic competence.

Time to Write your CV

If you have taken the time to delve a little deeper in to these and other skills, you will now have the information and examples you need to transfer over to your CV.

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