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Customer Question: How Do I Write Temporary Jobs or Short-Term Contract Jobs on a CV?

Many people have had a few spells of temping work, or taken short-term contract roles throughout their career whilst waiting for the perfect job opportunity to come along but they often don’t know how to list temporary jobs on a CV.

Temping shouldn’t be considered a negative thing on a CV because it is the ideal way to learn new skills and expand your knowledge of a certain industry or many industries.  That said, you must be careful about how you present temporary or contract work on a CV to stop you looking like a job hopper.

The best way I have found to include any form of temporary job on a CV is to adopt the yearly approach when listing roles on your CV.  By being too precise and listing days, months and years will not only make any employment gaps blindingly obvious but it can look like you have hopped from job-to-job-to-job.

Whilst temporary work may only be a stop-gap, you still need to sell yourself, the skills you learnt and the experience you gained.  My best advice is to try to consolidate any periods of temping or short-term contract work and present them like this:

2012-2013            Various Temporary Administrative Positions: XYZ Recruitment Agency

  • List your main role details and achievements in bullet point format.
  • List the most relevant bullet point sentences to the role you are applying for first.
  • Make sure each bullet point is a full sentence that adopts the challenge-action-results (CAR) approach.

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