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Spell Checkers are Not a Substitute for Proofreading

So, you’ve just spent a good few hours researching how to write a CV online, agonised over getting the content and layout just right, and run the PC’s spell checker over the document.   Maybe you’ve now come to the point where you think your CV is spot on… but is it?

Let me be a killjoy and remind you, spell checking and proofreading are two very different things.

Computers are great and I often wonder how we ever lived without them but never, ever solely rely on your PC’s spell check function.  It is absolutely essential that you physically print out your CV too and check every aspect of it with a fine tooth comb, checking for spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Whilst spell checkers are great, they can easily miss things and did  you actually check your spell checker dictionary is even set to the right language? Probably not!

How to Spell Check and Proofread a CV

Get in to what I refer to as ‘teacher mode’ and sit down with a red pen.

Firstly, to find grammatical errors, read your CV aloud in sections, does it sound right and flow correctly? Can you see or did you hear any grammatical errors? As you find them, mark them with the red pen so you can easily find them again when you come to alter the mistakes on the screen.

Secondly, daft as it may sound, read your CV forwards and backwards – yes, backwards! Reading your CV backwards will re-train your brain not to skip words, making spelling errors easier to spot.

Thirdly, give your CV to someone else to look over, two sets of eyes are always better than one.

Do not skip these steps, it’s essential your CV is free from errors.


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