Do I Include Interests and Hobbies on a CV?

Interests and Hobbies on a CVSome people advise against listing interests and hobbies on a CV.  Personally, I think including hobbies and interests on a CV can often be useful, particularly if you’re a student or working your way up the career ladder.  If you’re at senior management level or above, then what you do at the weekend will probably be overshadowed by your skills and experience and therefore, interests and hobbies on a CV are irrelevant.

Listing interests and hobbies on a CV can be a particularly useful way to give a prospective employer a valuable insight in to your personality, skills and help them to better understand if you enjoy team or isolated activities.

Many will say only list interests and hobbies on a CV, which directly apply to the job you’re applying for.  However, in reality very few of us spend all our leisure time participating in job-related past times. With such a huge range of activities out there these days, it is pretty fair to say, you’re going to find something fun a lot more interesting to do instead.

For many people, evenings and weekends are spent reading, gardening or cooking but many others opt for more off-the-wall interests and hobbies, which can really make them shine; exuding their creativity, passion and quirky personality.

Be truthful.

Whatever you like to do, make sure you truthfully list your interests and hobbies on your CV, don’t just make them up! Whilst a diverse range of interests and hobbies on a CV is great, including a big fat lie to make you look more interesting could come horribly unstuck if your new boss does actually happen to regularly go sky diving or rock climbing!

What can including interests and hobbies on a CV say about you?

Presenting a broad wide range of interests demonstrates you are at ease in different environments and situations, and can get on with people from different age groups,  backgrounds, etc.  They can also indicate if you are more of a leader or a team player so, if you’re a Team Captain then note this on the CV.  Don’t just put ‘playing football’, write ‘Captaining the XYZ football team to achieve second position in the league’ or if you’re more of a team player, write ‘Playing the position of Striker in the local pub league, scoring 22 goals during the 2012-2013 season’.

Whatever your hobbies and interests are, make them sound interesting and try to relate the skills you use doing them to something positive that an employer would like to know.


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