How to write a resignation letter

how to write a resignation letter If you’ve done it once or ten times, resigning is never easy.  Wondering whether you are doing the right thing or not, makes many feel positively green but once the decision is made, it is time to write a resignation letter that will correctly convey your intentions.

Knowing how to write a resignation letter and what to put in it is essential, follow our guide below or order your resignation letter from us today!

What should a resignation letter include?

  • It is always better to resign gracefully and professionally, outlining you wish to terminate your contract and giving adequate notice.
  • Always check your employment contract to refresh your understanding of the employment terms and ensure you state the correct last working day in the letter.
  • Be polite, thank them for employing you and extend your thanks for the opportunities they have provided you with.
  • Offering to help with the transition, or training your replacement if you are still in position, can often be a nice touch.

Do I have to give a reason for leaving?

No, you don’t have to give a reason as to why you are leaving.  If there is a positive or good reason such as career advancement, continuing education, you’re moving away, caring for a relative, etc. then you may wish to include this.

Can I list my grievances in the resignation letter?

Whatever you do, never, ever vent your frustrations in a resignation letter.  Remember, this letter will be kept on your employment record file for the foreseeable future.  If you had a grievance that needed addressing, it should have been raised before you got to the point of resignation to enable the company to respond.

How long should the resignation letter be?

Keep it simple, brief and polite.  A resignation letter should be kept to about half to one A4 page maximum.

How should I tender my resignation?

I always think it is best to speak to your manager or the business owner first about your resignation and follow it up by handing in a courteous and succinct formal resignation letter.


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