How to Send a Resignation Letter

how to send a resignation letter | how to write a resignation letterSo, you’ve finally made the decision to quit your job and now you’re wondering how you should tender your resignation; do you send a resignation letter by post, by hand or via email?

Call me old school but I still think a formal letter delivered by hand is the best way to actually submit a resignation letter.  Sending a resignation letter by hand just feels a little bit more personal, yet remains professional.  Whilst modern technology enables us to send documents via email, emails can and do get missed.  The only exceptions to this would be if you work remotely or things are somewhat awkward at work and you’re not parting on the best of terms.

I would always suggest you approach your manager first about your resignation before you tell any work colleagues, it is not only respectful but the way in which you leave your current role can have a huge bearing on future employment. Afterall, you may need a reference from these guys!

Speaking to the managers/owners directly and following up with a formal resignation letter to ensure your HR file is complete is generally the best way to do it.

A farewell note to everyone by email on your last day is generally considered acceptable and a nice touch.

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