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If you are looking to have your CV re-written, you’ve probably been looking online at numerous different websites trying to decide who to go for.  Have you been looking for cheap CV writers and temped to opt for a cheap £30-40 CV writing service with a 24-48 hour turnaround? If so, STOP!

Ask yourself, why are they cheap CV writers and how can they turn the orders around so fast?

I will tell you why…

FACT – What many cheap CV writing services do:

  • They either just re-type your CV or just jazz it up a bit on a new template
  • They generally spend less than 1 hour working on your CV
  • They farm their work out to home-based or overseas CV writers
  • They pay the writer less than £15 per CV, some less than £10!
  • They churn out CVs in a conveyor belt style
  • Often quality is not checked before despatch

Why and how are we different?

Unlike some companies out there, we do NOT operate in that way.  We deliver effective, impressive CVs that get you results!  Ultimately, it will cost you a bit more money but it is worth every penny because:

  • We write your new CV from scratch, optimising and targeting it towards the role you are applying for
  • We spend up to 10 hours writing your CV and researching your industry
  • We write ALL our CVs in-house, written by skilled and highly experienced writers
  • Our CV writers are monthly salaried
  • Our turnaround time is approximately 7  days to ensure we afford each CV the time it deserves to produce a high quality and comprehensive document, we want happy customers that secure interviews
  • We focus on quality, rather than quantity  and enforce a strict quality and satisfaction policy

Looking at the above, does the £30-40 CV writing service for a professional level CV still look appealing?  Not really, the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind.

Our prices are around the £100-ish mark but now you can clearly see why, our customers are our first priority.  We want to write you a high quality, effective CV that gets you an interview.

What use is a cheap and cheerful £30 CV if it doesn’t land you interviews?  Spend a little bit more money and buy an effective CV to optimise your chances of securing a new position.

Buy your new CV here today, visit our shop to see our special offer package prices.

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