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We commonly get asked the same few CV writing questions by prospective clients, please check to see if your question is addressed here:

How much it will cost to prepare a CV?

To prepare a new bespoke professional CV showcasing your key skills, experience and attributes to a prospective employer is £129.99*, or £54.99* if you are a student or 2013 graduate without employment.

How long does it take to write a CV?

Each CV is written by a dedicated in-house CV Writer, we do not use external contractors so the turnaround time is about 5 days.  This is to ensure your order receives the time required to produce a comprehensive and high quality document.  The majority of our competitors outsource their work, with Anglia CV Solutions you are guaranteed the work is completed in-house because we have strict expectations and high standards.

If another company is promising a cheap or fast cv turnaround time, ask yourself how are they doing this?  They are likely outsourcing your order and paying the Writer a nominal amount to complete the work.

Good work takes time and attention to detail and this is what we deliver to our customers.

What information will be required from me?

We would ask you to provide us with a copy of your current CV, together with any other additional information which could prove beneficial to write your new CV.  For example, you may have a job description, additional notes or even a job advertisement you would like to apply for.

Should you not have a current CV or the information on it is sparse, we can furnish you with a copy of our comprehensive questionnaire for completion once an order has been placed.

If we feel any vital information is still missing, we will generally contact you via email to request these details.

Will I be able to make changes?

Yes, of course! Once we are in receipt of an order and all information, we will book in your CV order and book a writing date.  The first draft will then be written for you and on completion, will be emailed to you for review.

You will then have a period of 7 days to review the CV and notify us of any amendments you would like to make to ensure you are happy with the final document.  Once we received your revisions, we will book them in and finalise the CV for you.

The final CV will be emailed to you in Word format but we can also send it in PDF format if you prefer.

Do you design CVs?

If you mean do we add fancy flourishes, embellishments and colour then the answer is a firm NO. That is not a professional CV!

A professional CV is a business-like document and should not contain anything that detracts from the content.  A CV is about facts, not fancy-pants designs and should be written in black ink only; using bold, italics and underlining sparingly.

Also, the use of applicant tracking software, otherwise known as CV scanning software, is becoming more and more widespread and these systems have a reputation for rejecting CVs that stray away from recognised industry formats.  We have heard reports that some of them can’t cope with pictures, borders, shading fancy fonts, etc  and reject the CV.  In our experience, a CV should be professionally formatted to maximise your chances of beating the talent management systems.

Does the CV include a consultation?

It depends which service you select, we offer a service that does and one that doesn’t to cater for all client budgets and requirements.

How long is a CV?

For most jobs, your CV will be 2 pages long.  This is the expected length for most roles, although there are some execeptions such as IT CVs, Medical CVs, etc.  Some student CVs will only be 1 page long, dependant on experience and skills.  A resume is just 1 page long.


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* NB – Please note prices correct at time of blog publishing but prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.