What type of paper should I print a CV on? | CV paper type What type of paper should I print a CV on?

Customer Question: What type of paper should I print a CV on?

I am a bit of a stickler for first impressions so my advice would be to use the best paper you can afford.  Whilst you might be thinking it’s just paper, really, it’s not.  It is the paper which is going to be presenting your work history and is essentially helping to give the interviewer a better understanding of you, your presentation and eye for exacting detail.

So, back to the question, what type of paper should I print a CV on? Please don’t print a CV on general copy paper and don’t photocopy your CV, each CV should be a printed original on good quality paper.

My best advice would be print a CV on high-quality paper with a watermark, at least 100g in weight.  I personally think the Conqueror range of paper is very good, a cream or high white laid 100g paper with a watermark will really help you create a good impression.

It is available from most stationers, in large or small quantities and is a worthwhile investment.

Invest in your future and create the right impression, small things make a BIG difference when you are looking for a new job.


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